Be… Moved

It seems that everything is moving me today.  A sunrise, a song… a simple exchange.  So heartfelt and powerful.  I’ve already paused many times in my steps… as if I’ve wanted to savor each moment and exchange.  As the sun rose, it was like a golden light pillar and then a rainbow column/pillar, too.  And so many X’s this morning (a divine crossing, union).

Even the daffodils glowed… sparkled in the yard as the sun hit them, haha, but seriously!

And as I glanced up, a heart shaped cloud.  I mean, can today get any better…?


But wait, there’s always more.

Trust that I have been at just about all places of this spiritual journey.  I know.  There are so many moments.  And then there are moments like these.  Some can feel the/this energy and the blissful waves as they come.  Some don’t… yet.  If you don’t, just place yourself in nature or any place that is your comfort zone.  And do it again and again.  Be open for a love that you’ve not experienced yet… that is not of this world alone… even the word unconditional doesn’t explain.  No words are even needed since you can feel it… and it is Heaven.  Right here and now.  Be here now.

In gratitude, love and service.

6 comments on “Be… Moved

  1. Millie it’s been too long since I’ve been on here. Yours was the first post I saw. My beautiful friend, I am sitting here in that exact moment. Totally consumed in it All. I was gonna attempt one more time to put it into words. There are no words when all I’d love most in all this Universe is to show or tell someone how to be here. In this moment. I love you and I love that you know ❤

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    • Awe, how perfect. These moments are the prize indeed. And you have and do show and tell so keep writing and being you. Thank you so much for commenting; made my evening. Big ((HUG)) and much love Linda. We are connected, ❤ to ❤ , star to star… 🙂


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