How we doing?

Alrighty lights and loves.  Just a quick checking in.  If you are one to feel energy… well… you’re probably feeling, something.  For me now it’s as if all of the stages one has been through is now helpful as a reference.  Basically, we’re ready for whatever unfolds.  Yesterday started and ended in sheer happiness/delight yet there was a lull in the day.  When I went to check the charts, looks like we’ve been on a on a bit of a roller coaster ride.

I’ve been singing, I feel it coming (by Weekend).  One may also feel, anticipation.  Ahh… surrender does wonders.

As I was thinking of what I could pass along that may be helpful, I was thinking my role is really to just stabilize this energy.  I then looked up and saw this partial halo rainbow… okay, so yes!

I would encourage one to stay hydrated – our bodies need the water.  Both to flush and allow.  And stay loose and joyful – see 90 second video 🙂


I’ll check in/write as I can.  Until then… in joy/enjoy.  New connections are coming…


P.S.  Computer started sparking again last night so… taking hint, hint.  Be offline, yet so on.

Will also mention a recent post for more thoughts on current energy (which… could change in any moment, lol).

How we doing…?  AWESOME!  Right…?  ❤

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