I’ve been sitting outside in mediation.  The sky is white, I can see a front incoming and there is a light wind.  A faint sun halo yet they are getting so big, my camera can’t capture it in a frame.  Yes, this is symbolic – the circle is growing.  Also a handful of other signs that suggest fast moving energy/the next wave is incoming.  It may be a day or several… or some may already be feeling.

This wave might not be what one might think.  For many it will be reminders/messages/teasers/5+D experiences/upgrades.  Moments and they will be noteworthy.  Then they’ll flow and unfold in new ways March – May… Spring forth.  In experience and choices (your choices) and by practicing/creating.  These waves can also bring manifestations 🙂  yet one may get to the point where what you’ve manifested is quite different than before.  Think gifts of light.  These waves can also knock ya down if it’s early (or at a certain point) in your ascending journey, so take care of self.  I think a goal is to get to a place where you can ascend, descend and stabilize, well.  With ease, grace, knowing and compassion.  And yes, some won’t feel/notice anything; don’t underestimate though – patience.

For me I feel as if I am in a place I always wanted to be.  Can I say thought that it’s not quite what I initially thought or got me into pursuing and then continuing to walk a spiritual path.  I was also thinking about all the lessons.  Spirit school has been in session for me/many for years now, really all our life.  Some very challenging/advanced course work, too.  I chuckle thinking back to 3D school/age 5-22.  I can’t say I loved school.  I knew I needed it and took it serious.  I can’t say that it was, fun.

The lessons/challenges/pain part of this journey did seem to end awhile ago for me.  This journey though is so thorough, it’s like one can almost get in a pattern of expecting another challenge.  Really this putting your guard up/anticipation or even expecting a certain thing can attract more lessons.  It is okay to give yourself permission to be done and open yourself up to joy, bliss, rewards and who you have become.  And yes, we’ve been here before.  About a year ago yet now we embrace this even more.

I received a few short message and thought I’d pass along as a perspective:

Do we need to raise you again (with the energy) to remember… or are you good… are that energy now?

Ahh… Raise, Remember and Retain/remain.

And a reminder that often it’s not about whatever one may be concerned/complaining about. You can fill in the blank. It’s not _______ that’s making you angry/sick/have dis ease. It is your belief about _______ that is keeping your vibe and view low. Change your thoughts, change your life. And this can be a process so be kind and gentle to yourself. We’re all right where we need to be.  Working/playing/evolving through so many experiences.

I’ve been in a two month cycle of lucid dream experiences and practice.  I just finished typing up 26 – all more personal/private in nature.  I will say, time and typing seemed to help me better understand many of them.  The first few were more obvious but then became bizarre and easy to dismiss.  It was explained that in dreams, each item is as close symbolically as we can get, here. Think of it as an energy/vibration that has to travel far and be translated.  Our energy matching/a set point in another time space. So we have to take the symbols as answers if we can look at them a bit different. I compare it to channeling. I knew I was channeling since the word choice/pattern was different than how I spoke (and often the feeling that ran through my body).  The message though, was what I needed to hear and did apply.

The last dream was suggesting that while some do know the “next”… most don’t (we are on the cutting edge) and some will be now be stepping up and doing the best they can/awesome – the next line of spiritual teachers.  We have been well prepared.  Then in doing this, they’ll get the previews.  It was also advised that the details/previews are your choice if you wish to disclose. We each know our group or just do with passion/no second thought.  A while back I was given previews (on my/my group level) yet here lately have been not as foreknowing… and okay with this.  I feel so blessed and abundant, forever grateful.

I also wanted to mention the energy can be felt INTENSLEY inside of you.  As if a G FORCE.  When I feel this, I breathe, stretch, go for a slow walk, lay down/relax, take an Epson salt bath… ask for it to back down.  I also seem to make notes like these as my brain tries to understand the anchoring/awakening of this light.  It’s our torus field/zero point and wowziers! 

Okay… well… yes we are!  And, enough for now.  Thank you for reading.  LOVE LOVE LOVE to all.  You are well.  All is well.

8 comments on “Well…

  1. I love your drawings. Reminds me of some imagery I play with in meditation. Sometimes I feel like energy comes from earth and Source, into me (from below and above), mixing and merging in my body (sometimes I’ll focus on it blending in my heart, and sometimes other areas), and then blasting out my heart to the world, translated through my body into love with my vibe stamped on it.

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  2. ‘ask for it to back down’, Exactly what I needed reminded of to do…..whew!!
    Thank you for this wonderful message my friend, and the reminder also, that ALL IS WELL……OVERWHELMING, BUT WELL.
    Much love,
    Annette 💞

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  3. Photos confirmation of white healing light and colors from spirit, as we both seem to have a plether of these!

    I received a Valentine’s/Birthday card from a dear Sister which confirms your post as well as confirms a card message from my dearly departed mom. The card is a pop up card which has Snoopy in the middle surrounded by a sparkly red heart with Woodstock’s all around it saying you are surrounded by love! We are surrounded by love, it is within us and is the healing life force. (BTW, Snoopy and Woodstock are my favorites).

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  4. SO true that one can EXPECT certain things to happen once you know that energy is incoming. Such as those experiencing anxiety – you know it’s coming, or a situation will trigger it. Gotta breathe and ride the wave!

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    • Hey Brandie! Great to hear from you – thanks! My mind was/still is strong and I’ve had to use it differently. It tries to prepare us for whatever’s next yet… Spirit often has different plans, haha. ❤

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