Weekend Race Energy


It was hard to miss my signs yesterday morning since they woke me and continued.  Speed.  Fast and loud moving cars, trucks and motorcycles.  Usually it’s pretty calm and quiet here so I chuckled wondering if I’d been moved to a Nascar track and then remembered (while states away) it’s the Daytona 500 weekend and kick-off to the season.  Well, we’ve had a Solar prominence earlier in the week and a geo storm and this plays out here on Earth in many ways.  It not only affects electronics, it affects people. 

So one may feel/see some nervous/energetic/releasing energy.  Some have been/will be breathing, remaining calm and holding space as we all move forward.  Think of the cool blue.  Create and use your energy/vortex wisely.

I do though provided these synonyms since often a word can remind/awaken the next.


Also here a large controlled burn.  A bit symbolic; a smudge.  The letting go in this new moon and pulling in the blessing of the, next.  And wind (change) has also significantly picked up so the smoke (fire element) everywhere, almost as if a fog (go slow).  Last night as I stepped outside I could see the stars (so beautiful and as if doing a happy dance)… and was then surprised by lightening (power) yet no rain (release).  Hmm…   I’ve seen a similar combination of signs before and could easily guess the next yet I also let go because just when you think, it’s not always.  Often it’s different and… better in it’s own divine way:)

Over the past two months, I’ve been watching the red tail hawks here.  I’ve seen two females, a male and a baby.  ALL aspects represented.  Before I’d see them in flight yet now, I’ve been catching them resting or observing.  Red tail hawks are totems/have medicine/messages.  They are Guardians and Visionaries as well.

Can I just say/remind that this journey has many steps.  Clearing/healing this life and possible past lives/generational karma, embodying/balancing divine feminine and masculine, your soul/higher-self/Ascended Master/Christ/Crystal/Galactic self.  Pulling in, building our temple, then turning outward and then (for many) being asked to embrace and change again.  Your remember and learn of your true skills.  It does get easier yet I’ve even been a bit surprised at a few small things that have surfaced in the past day or two.  Literally just moments as I remember it (the process of understanding and doing what’s needed) used to take significantly more time in the past.  Showing what now needs attention… often just love.  Yes, even Masters (which would be all of us) have moments; self-soothing as we bring up those smaller/inner child aspects that feel a bit less secure or in control.  ❤ the heck out of them.  🙂  And… thoughts/stories that you now might just find yourself laughing at.

There’s a fair number on the journey who are about over it.  The words I picked up on were “being strung from this date/wave to this activation/embodiment… blah, blah, blah.”  Trust that I get it so I will share words Spirit once shared with me:  You’ll thank me later.  All of this is for a reason.  And do we realize how far we’ve come?

I share as many of the glorious moments as I can and a perspective of the process/work that often comes with this journey.  Which reminders me… don’t (or do) underestimate another on their journey.  Some avoid dark… or even lightworkers or as they have their off/human/low/whatever words one could use moments.  Often those are the ones who will come back around and surprise you/all.  Like, Bam, wisdom speaks.  They’re willing to do the (dark/other) work and it does come with rewards.

And as I continue to work with lucid dreams, I chuckle and share.  If you don’t understand a symbol in one of your dreams, trust that you’ll find/hit/feel the vibration of it in your reality and then, know.

Our future is calling.  This though seems to tie into my next/a future post so… enough for now.  We’re getting up to speed… accelerated, yup, again.  No need to race though.  It… whatever your it is will happen, naturally.  ❤


P.s.  Take a break…?  Have some fun, don’t take all of this so seriously…?  Just a thought/reminder/whisper that seemed to slip in 🙂

7 comments on “Weekend Race Energy

  1. Lots going on! Beautiful Red Tail Hawks, saw our resident eagle soaring yesterday, yes, alot of circular movement! Your definition of race is symbolic in a biblical sense as well, about running our race, doing the inner work keeping in mind our intention, focus purpose to be all that we have been created to be! Thanks for your beautiful words! Namaste, Lori

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