New Earth


I wrote a post a few weeks ago yet didn’t publish it.  I titled it, Ascend Back into Human Form.  Yes, the word choice/twist is correct and it’s a process so I may review and post in the future since it was brought to my attention as I pondered on… New Earth.  Like, what is it?  How does one describe it…?  Well…

Simply, it’s your new life and reality.

When I first saw (some time ago) the word choice of New Earth… it didn’t register.  Then, like a few other word choices and steps in this journey, I thought it would be instant, overnight and so profound it would seem like night and day.  Well…

It can be like this… it can be a, BAM… Pow… Poof…WOW!

Yet it may also happen in time and so gradual as the old fades and the new permeates every ounce of your reality.  As one embodies your new HUman/woman/One template.  Your/The Divine plan.

New Earth isn’t out there… as if some destination one is trying to get to.  It’s always been, here.  Believe and see.  It’s a perception and energetic/vibration thing.  Allowing… letting yourself into what you want.  You’ve been working on it for awhile now… both in other time/spaces and here.  It’s also allowing what you want to find you; to just appear.

One can walk in… verses staying (and enduring/settling/fighting) in 3D.  If one is not ready though, since often a lot of prep work is to be done, well… you do the best you can.  You do live, laugh and love.  You also rest, heal, understand, practice, clear, explore, ascend, and embody.  And you experience moments/reminders of it – your New Earth.

If one is not ready (in their mind/body/process) then doors seem to appear and the kingdom won’t seem permanent.  New Earth isn’t something one runs to or an escape… it can’t be forced.  So you make adjustment/alignments and try again.  Your vibration is your key to any door one may encounter.  Often the work consists of just connecting to Source/turning inward.  Then being your own new… Earth in any way that you can.

Doors, realities and Universes often open in the Astral/dream/meditation state and then in one’s physical reality.  So what do you want?  Really truly desire?  It is all possible.  This is the secrets of the Universe.  Co-creating on a new level.  Playing on a new level.  It can be anything.  Just think, which playground you do wish to play/experience/learn in?

Walk in Mastery.  Walk in New Earth.  Here and Now.  Trust the light grid, Mother Earth and 3D.  All parts serve and 3D served/serves us very well.   We really do have an infinite love for it.



Could New Earth just mean one has had such a profound change in heart, mind… and therefore, vison.

And… taking the h in earth and moving to the front… what’s last will be first… and we do move a lot of things around in this journey, lol.


(Pics found online)

And sync…  ❤

12 comments on “New Earth

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  3. Came online to check out your wise words because my energy today was so unsettled. Unsure. I haven’t felt like that in so long. I was trying to figure out what was up and you always seem to know :-).

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  4. Yes! It is ALL good, WE are who we have been WATING for, WE ARE THE CREATORS OF NEW EARTH…VIBRATE AS HIGH AS ONE CAN, it’s hard sometimes to straddle the DEMENSIONS, I’m hear to tell you it really is, and the Higher We Raise Our Vibration, the harder it can feel, but ALL IS FINE, and getting ‘Finer’ 💫💞

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