Ascend Back Into Human Form


Okay, here we go, lol.  The past few months, well maybe for over a year there’s often been this… trying to understand and relate this stage of the journey as it’s happening.  Is it ascending, descending, becoming a light body and higher consciousness/perception… oh there are so many ways to describe it.  So I started to write this post a few weeks ago as these cycles and transformations seem to be happening much faster now.  I noted and seemed to claim…

Human, yup…. and I AM smiling.  Ha!  With so much written on dropping the human/density part (and you do).  We do need to connect and realize our Angelic/Mastery/Star beingness and spend as much time as we need.  Being… light.

So I could say after years of reminders/moments and then weeks of feeling out of this world (in December), it then got quiet and I felt human again.  So I spent time living… and being, me.  I also continued to meditate and review my notebook to make sure, I got it… whatever I felt I needed to understand now.  I’d been seeing X’s in the sky for days and was almost anticipating meeting/crossing paths with… someone.  That had been the pattern yet this time that someone happened to be, me.  The newer version that I didn’t even realize yet.

So much is written on ascending and it is a wild and glorious ride.  It can take years… lifetimes.  And, it can change your life.  About six months ago I wrote a post titled, Awake from Awakening.  I had the title right yet I still wasn’t physically there/here yet.  The cycles and deeper understanding/embodiment.  These words though I came to again more recently.  It was time to wake up (even more) and live.  We both wake up to our Spiritual nature and then to our new life, here and now.  What a hoot… as this second part (well, even the first part) I wasn’t forwarded on.  Like was I to just go/phase into New Earth and not return ??  Many on the spiritual path did seem to disappear from 3D so how literal are we being?  (Now I get it.)

So the title for this post… as if the word choice seem to go against the process of ascending.  Of dropping the “human”/lower form.  Ha – it is not!  We choose this vehicle again and again for a reason.  And it does (and doesn’t) have much to do with helping the Galactic Federation of Light.  They – including any Brother/Sisterhood/Star system/Angels/Source – want us here… and happy.  This is a very personal and collective experience.  One will learn again and again who you really are.

Some do ascend and never come back to a 3D reality.  Some and probably more in the near future will ascend to then discover themselves… an ascended HUman/WOman/Master/Angel/ _____ incarnate.  A new.


Too much good can come from… being human.  We choose to stay and be… and do and play.  We’re here for a reason.  We can, yet don’t need to go, ghost.  Numerous times I’ve mentioned the process part of grappling/having moments where I felt it might be time to step away from a blog/facebook/online as it seemed so 3D, not real or where one might wish to place their presence/energy.  Isn’t this such an interesting process as many of us were pushed a bit (to write/teach) and then get on a roll getting the word out, connecting and sharing, to then feel the pause and option/time to pull back.  To clear our channel and… connect more/work inward and on the light grid.  Let me just say one can sustain from this alone.  The options, revealed in time, are unlimited.  One may just need time though to let it all settle and happen naturally.  One will find their place and ways.

For me, Spirit was now saying, just like when I received no longer a channel, a lightworker (as a title) messages, I was no longer a wayshower.  That we are Ascended and Ascension Masters.  This process will build one up and then chisel away.  Can one surrender to the process?  Morph again and again?

At the same time, I/we have to balance this with our human life, here and now.  And this may take just a bit of tidying up/work/change… or a lot.  No fear though.  For me it did seem to spark this simple checklist:


Usually descending is a bit bumpy… and one may even say, sucks as you can feel the difference in states.  Yet when it becomes just as glorious.  Ahh…    And can I just say there is a stage of dropping the lower body/weight/dark/old (that can take years).  And then there is a stage of coming back in… and it feels amazing!  For me and I think many will find, you’ve never been, this.  And you created this version of self 🙂

So no matter what title you claim… or what you do, you are here for a reason.  Reassess who you are now and be it!  Procedure… in light and love.  In freedom and joy!  One can balance it all.

You are everything and nothing.  You are a unique, beautiful/handsome, powerful star.  Alive and connected to all yet your own sovereign being.  You are love and loved more than you know.  You don’t need love… you simply are.  Pure of heart and perfect.  This can be an Alpha and the Omega moment; One.  The beginning and an end… an infinity moment as we started one place and went down and up and back around again.  Always supported and safe.  We don’t give up, we just continue on.


It’s also like a birthday.  Be on Earth day.  Your New Earth.  Oh so many rebirths/earths in this journey.  Ahh…

So enough for now and thank you for reading.  ❤ being a Divine Human.

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