Marching In


Well… many are feeling some new energy.  It may be creative, productive or sending one to bed.  In like a Lion indeed as clarity snuck up on me last night.  ❤ it!  Yet this morning I chuckled as I saw fog as I arose.  This does burn off in the light.  It could be looked at as our amnesia, a thinning veil.  I seem to have several posts started so bear with me and we’ll see what get’s published.  Take what serves you and have an amazing day.il_fullxfull_867966070_dq2v

Oh one more… practice… good fun (you don’t have to be mad although might be a great release for some.  🙂

In love, light and music… and goofy/child like service, haha…

6 comments on “Marching In

      • What a sweet thing to say. As usual my blog is all over place. A big theme last week was healing core wounds. That led me into collage which I’m currently obsessed with. The eclipse seems to have opened up/freed up something but I can’t really put it into words yet. That’s where the collage helps me – I can begin to figure out my thoughts etc through the images. Nice to catch up with you too. Have a good day. 🙂

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  1. You are amazing, Molly. I have written so much since Nov 8, nothing worth publishing. My muse left that day. Trying to get her back. All in good time, I guess. I miss her, though. Thanks for your outlook. ❤


    • Mary, I love you!! So good to hear from you. Just a thought – many of us have been under a process/rebirth. A time to disconnect and pull in. I remember a feeling/change on Christmas day and just now coming out of this energy/process that has been interesting yet I also know needed and will be so worth it!! You are such an inspiration and gift! All will return and I’d bet 10 fold. ❤


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