3:33 Wake Up

No rest for the weary, lol.  We seem to be running some multiple x multiple energy.  So writing and checking in.

It may seem as if… what isn’t going on, lol.  And we’re all at different places.  Some are feeling good/great and flying along – yippee.  One may also though be filtering the random (this can be noticed in thoughts, dreams or meditation), feeling some physical adjustments (and they might just place you in bed), and/or noticing that one can be easily triggered (let it go).  And we have a large geo storm happening.  I am just grateful the laptop is working.  So… we got this!  Right…?   🙂

This is a time when many are awakening.  I do know though that many awake in confusion/sadness/anger.  Yesterday I spent some time outdoors and felt such humility, peace… one of those simple yet teary eyed moments (in a good way).  Take time to breathe, be calm/centered/grounded and be compassionate.

For several years now, off and on the heat (could also be referred to as Kundalini or life force energy) seems to come an hour before the normal wake-up time for me.  It will wake you yet one can usually drift back to asleep.  So I had a visit yesterday at 5 a.m. and one this morning at 3:33 but this time, no falling back asleep so I started my day.  Well, tomorrow is 3/3.  Trinity energy.  Also sharing this guide I found online.


The twin energy I don’t write on often since there’s so much already out there.  I will say that this has been a theme for many for a few weeks now.  Twin energy can play out in so many ways.  Communicating/meeting/playing in reality or in the astral.  To stir something up, lol… to remind, to assist.  Often twin flame relationships are known to rock one’s world and… can often end in disaster.  You are left to clean up and rebuild… and you will.  It doesn’t have to be this way as there are many levels of twin’s.  I was reminded of the eternal kind.  And one of the characteristics would be that very word, kind.  They are also healthy relationships and could be thought of as a union of old souls/Masters.  That + intense chemistry… wow!  And talk about mission driven, they can get stuff done yet often choose just to be happy.

I will also mention if there’s more than one person in your home (and you are reading this), know that they too are being affected/in their own process.  A lot is going on kiddos!  Keep breathing, OPEN heart… and on to the next adventure we go.  ❤

Overnight storm left a heart shaped reminder…


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