Last night a wave/message came in and settled well.  And then in morning mediation, another.  Oh how I do love these moments.  Not only peace but knowing.  So much of this journey is unusual (at first) yet often in an exciting way.  And then the challenging moments.  There have been though so many reminders and moments of peace – blessed.  It’s the glue that holds it all together.  Well, love, too.  This does become a drama free journey.  A very pure and authentic one. 

I again have been reminded of how many stories/experiences I’ve had in one life.  You, too – many!  And of how many divine energies I’ve connected to; the variety.  I do not take this for granted for it is a gift.  I can remember the years…. decades of wondering and longing.

For me there’s a home frequency that, gets me… at my core.  Well, it is my core.  I keep coming to the word, humility yet it is peace.  Messages like these remind one of The plan and that all is well, very well.  They will also remind you who you are, now.  Often as we live and do the work/process, we just don’t realize all that is happening, all the other processes.  Bubbling underneath and then surface almost as a surprise and so beautiful to behold.

So for me the energy is calm and I hope for you, too.  I’ve also received… a thread of biblical like messages.  They took me back to some I’d received three years ago and then greatly expanded upon them.  This is just one of many threads I carry yet don’t publically write (much) on.  I will say they are beautiful and have filled in so many gaps I had in my understanding as I grew up in church.  For many this is a special time of remembrance as many reminders surround us.  Some so obvious we don’t see them.  That’s the mind working overtime.  Spirit is simple.  So one may find themselves needing moments to pull in and clear the channel.  In silence, we can hear.

Also know that not many may understand you at certain times in this journey.  And that is okay because you know.   Even if you don’t know (why), you know to honor your process.  There are times we walk our own unique path.  At times it feels like we need courage/strength… or may feel alone.  It does become much easier as one settles into their knowingness.  I’ve been feeling the presence (even more so) of Angels/Spirit/Our teams all around and often as I walk and sleep.  They are very close.  Open heart… as they are here and now.

I found myself noting this last night and share since, this is US:

There is so much love in our heart.

There is so much wisdom and light in our cells.

There is so much joy, laughter, kindness… bliss in our essence.

And this seems to be a good place to pause for now.  All is golden.  Blessings to all.  Namaste.

In Love, Light and Gratitude… ❤


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P.S.  Think, Golden Rule…Golden Opportunity… Golden Ticket… Silence is Golden…

P.S.S.   While I don’t usually mention, this (like many) posts is light encoded.  Reading a bit slower, breathing and feeling… sending your way some pretty amazing vibes.  Really just activating what is already inside of you.  At times a post is to release/clear stuff, stir up, etc. … and other times to remember that Heaven is here and now.  You feel it inside of you and see it outside as your vibration raises.

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