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We are adjusting to new frequencies which = new experiences.  While all might not be in this stage, many are.  I’ve felt this before yet each time I get here… well… trust that I’ve described it a bit differently.  Before this starts one may feel overwhelmed or that something is off and the need to disconnect/turn inward. One may then feel awkward, growing pains or eerie silence.  It can and is now for me a time of great peace.  In this journey one can make peace with much

Physically I’ve been feeling moments of needing to go slow, rest… and wondering (in a child-like/excited way) what I am embodying/anchoring…?  Just imagine.

The physical part could be described as a pressure or carrying a heavy load when we usually feel pretty light.  At times sleep seems to be the best choice yet I’ve awoken a few times feeling fluish/deep chill/out of sorts.  The feeling does fade within an hour or two.  So this is the now and the next.  Allowing, patience and self-love seem to be key as this does seem to be a marathon… not a sprint.  These stages/upgrades… (several word choices could fit here) don’t last forever although they will call for one to be very present and therefor may feel like forever.  Plus we are used to getting a lot done with lightening speed/ease/magic.

One may have even felt a completion/ending… or death symbolism as we did finish certain experiences and tasks.  Then new desires… yet one might not know, how.  Trust that answers and ways are coming.

How our body processes/adjusts to newer frequencies, well, the list could be endless. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with many in the past week and the experiences run the spectrum.  They may be mental, emotional or physical.  Personally I’ve noticed more ear wax (lol) and another crystal like bump. Another family member has a bit of vertigo and an inner shaking/quake as they rest.  And oh, had that right side heart beat again.

I had a dream where there was a world that the only time one went to a doctor was to receive support with ascending symptoms; there was no dis ease.  Imagine that.  The two month period of amazing lucid dreams that were personal and helpful though seems to be on hold.  The last two seemed generic and have been cartoon like as if for my amusement.  And Spirit has been quieter.  So over the past few days as I’ve started a few posts, the desire quickly faded and I let go.  I can remember the ones that came with such ease/knowing/passion.  I remember being in this stage before, wondering where did my wisdom and desire go?  Now I just smile.

It can be a time to clear the channel and one may have little output and need less input.  I’ve mentioned the variety of teachers I’ve had that seem to compliment this journey.  Both of this Earth plane and beyond.  Slowly this past year or two I’ve let go to grow into my own, even more.  Each letting go often comes with ease, knowing and gratitude yet also moments/pondering/questions.  All good as they help to define who we are becoming. We are Goldilocks (and the three bears).  Discovering what is just right.

As I was reviewing my notes last night and checking in with Spirit, I came to the title of this post.  I also needed to just write and All is right/well.  In morning meditation I received a short message that reminded me of one I received years ago.  It was discussing generally, big changes.  I will say, in looking back big changes have happened… yet they were not what I might have initially thought.

I came from a spiritual framework that all has already happened yet in the past few weeks have seen several mention that this time is new/experimental/tbd/history in the making… that we are that cutting edge.  Well I’m not sure what I think (and really doesn’t matter) yet probably a mix of both.

Delores Cannon is known for her work in past life regression and for the three wave of volunteers.  In the past I’ve read a bit of her work and feel I have characteristics of both the first and second wave.  Now might be a time that third wave is coming to shore/awakening. We’ve has a few months of much being stirred and then a week of geo storms which seemed a bit out of the norm.  Geo storms do affect us in a variety of ways here on Earth.  I also checked the Schumann resonances as this comes from the core.  Okay… enough.  Spirit is simple.

If one is in this stage, I will offer this reminder.  Please don’t fight this wonderful process.   Open, relax, enjoy, do the best you can, laugh and LOVE.  This is how we evolve and live.  This moment/step may last days/weeks… it doesn’t matter.  You are and are not in control, lol.  All is well and it is worth it.  Something amazing is blossoming yet not before it’s time.


Thank you for reading.   ❤

Update:  HA!  Get ready, 4 swift bursts within an hour, energy incoming!

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13 comments on “Just write/right

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  2. I actually pulled the Death Card in a personal reading. Lots of things are going to be ending for me at the end of Summer. I decided, based on the card, it was time to move after my lease is up and my roommate/sister moves to California.

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  3. Molly, as always your post are always right on time. I just got over a “cold” last week. I was literally fine one day and the next day bam! I gone from feeling like I was in a pressure cooker, to feeling in the void. Guidance has been quiet yet I knew all was well because I was in the flow. Seeing a shift in some eternal relationships. And quiet time has been a must! As always thank you for sharing.

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  4. “At times sleep seems to be the best choice yet I’ve awoken a few times feeling fluish/deep chill/ out of sorts. This feeling does fade within an hour or two.”
    Good to read this, as this feeling is pretty much most mornings for me, and you’re right, it does indeed fade within a hour or two, however before I had read this my awareness of this was mute! I’ve really been quite anxious upon waking to this sensation, NOW I won’t be!! Thank you Molly! ❤️🌺❤️

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