Just knowing


Clarity incoming!  Yes!

(Artwork by Alex Gray)

I remember years ago when I asked to be just a bit more psychic.  Well… that was not the plan, lol.  Back then I had no idea of the multiverse, ascending and that they were being literal about a light body… and about 144 other things.  There is no way we could have started here, we had to get here.  This journey will naturally align one to their correct timeline… and yes, this takes time.  Time is a gift.

So not even a full moon and clarity started surfacing last night after almost a week of being.  I now know enough as to what process is going on for me personal yet it’s a bit too soon to write on.  I can tell there’s more so I allow it to unravel and will see.  What I will say is this is a non-stop adventure.  I am humbled again and overjoyed yet in the calmest way.  Ahh, peace.  And one may now be surprised at what has fallen away.  We do shed many skins/aspects/lives and morph.  This is a very personal yet also sharing journey.  It is also very healing and about love.

So just passing along some more of Alex’s amazing artwork that caught my eye and a reminder that whatever information/experience… even challenge, your next is being placed before you in perfect timing and wisdom.  Breath and proceed.  In light and love.  Thank you for reading and feel free to share your latest discovery since we are better together 🙂  ❤


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