Interesting Energy


Just a quick check in.  The energy is indeed… interesting.  One could say multi-layered, moody/this way, no that way… or even (seem externally) intense. One may need sleep or be longing to sleep.  Regardless, now is a good time to breathe, smile, remain calm and centered. We have a full moon coming as well as a time change (springing ahead) and equinox (on the 20th).  We’ve also had 10 days of pretty consistent geo storms.  Yes, all of these events are quite symbolic.

For many we are getting ready to experience a different side of a situation.

Mother Nature, well… she’s also been expressing in many ways.  Quick changes in temperatures, like 73 to 35, from sun to rain and now big wind.  Snow is even in the forecast (chill).  The wildlife has also been very vocal.

Today, for me, holding peace yet observing much.  My ears have been clicking (new tones/codes/messages).  Hmm…  Taking this moment by moment as it can change in any moment.  Simple and less is more might be a good theme.

I’d bet some interesting stories/experience for many over the next 10 days or so.  So buckle up, we’re ready to ride.  ❤

10 comments on “Interesting Energy

  1. As much as I healed some major stuff at the level of my soul today, and am all abuzz with my own energy coming back in, at the same time I fear my soul sister might be leaving for the other side. I welcome boring and uneventful when it returns.


  2. Yes it does feel strange right now. It’s kind of bipolar! Up one minute/down the next. Over here in southern Oz we have been having a heat wave but now it’s suddenly cold and wet. I’ll buckle up.

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  3. Yup, that pretty much sums it up for me as well. Where I live has had weather in the 60’s for the last couple of days and then today, snow. Now the sun is shining lol. Buckle up seems fitting.

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