When a message doesn’t come true.


I write on as much as I can, as I encounter it in this journey.  So let’s include this topic.  When one receives a message from Spirit, or a vision or knowing and… then/later it doesn’t happen.  Like, why…? 

I’ll share that this has happened to me and will note a few scenarios.  I didn’t ask for the message (per say) so why did Spirit slip in and share?  As if to get one’s hopes up?  No… but to possibly get one’s vibration up.  To think outside the box… and there are many other possible reasons and some we may never realize.  I’ve learned to hold messages loosely yet I also know it’s hard at times.  While Divine neutrality = peace… it’s also okay to have wants/desires/dreams.  We came here to experience all of this.

In the past when this happened, I questioned my gift.  Now though that’s not even a question.  I have no idea how many messages I’ve receive.  I do know it’s many.  Many that have profoundly changed me, helped others and enough that have come true.  There are just so many options/perspectives/answers and they can change in a split second or change of vibration.

So I will share these examples…

  • I received a message (a big wow, ya I want that) and to be honest didn’t quite believe but noted.  Years later, so glad it didn’t happen.  I’d changed so much, I no longer wanted that.  One may even receive a message that appeals to their ego (depending upon which stage one is in, all good) yet not realize in that moment.

I will also add often messages come and then we place limits on them.  Time limits or it will happen in this way… haha, hardly!

  • Was guided to do a certain thing.  As it unfolded messages of encouragement continued… and… it didn’t end as I thought.  Actually it became a key factor that lead to my darkest night.  Why??  It was the complete crumple (and it wasn’t pretty) yet then the rebuilding of a new life.  And YES, it was worth it.
  • Another big wow, ya I want that… became a theme and pondering with signs and sync’s… hope for almost 9 months.  As I was thinking on it the other day I felt it would reveal, the 9 = completion.  And late yesterday, it did.  The reality was quite different than what Spirit shared and I did very much want that reality.  I’d worked with it peacefully on an astral level and in intensions and positive thoughts. I got up to speed with it and was ready for the manifestation.  Why couldn’t I align to that timeline?

Well… I was grateful to know.  Yet a bit sad (heart opening).   It’s not worth my happiness though.  I then remembered a few days ago I received a message:  We love you too much to give you some of the things you have asked for.  Well… Spirit brought it to my attention/started it, lol.  Yet that was then and this is now and, a lot is going on.  I trust because there’s no way I understand all of the factors.  The message sounds like a wise and caring parent/guide who has a broader view.

I also got a Sound of Music reminder.  To climb every mountain (singing).  We don’t give up.  We keep exploring.  What is best for us and all will happen.  And …


We are shedding the past/old in some big ways now.  While one could view this as a disappointment or a test… it doesn’t have to be.  I slept and awoke feeling no overnight guidance or dream.  Like, now what?  Because we are Masters/manifesters and can have what we want.  There’s always a way.  Hmm… do I push pray or let go?  I fell back asleep for a few minutes and bam… a short dream with a very clear sign for me to let go.

And as I awoke Taylor Swift was with me, lol.


Okay Spirit, got it.  I remember the saying, for this or better.  Better must be coming… in whatever form that takes.  We got this!  I was able to let go in 12 hours.  If this had happened a few years ago, trust that I’d still be questioning everything.  Now… aint got time for that.  Doesn’t serve me as we are moving on to new/better/awesome.  Life and the music continues kiddos.  Let’s dance!   ❤


P.S.  Duck symbolism.  Let water run off your back.  Stay in the flow…

2 comments on “When a message doesn’t come true.

  1. Gosh Molly…this is So right with me, the entirety of everything you’ve shared here!
    Thank you, beaYOUtiful One! Let’s Dance 💃🏿💖😘💃🏿

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