Okay… first, I just watched the movie, Arrival.  Wow!  So much of the movie I got (in a very deep way) since it reminded me of several messages I’ve received.  Movies can be a great re-set, reminder and way to relax/chill. 

The movie seemed to open me and in perfect timing since the energy in the past 36 hours – felt physically – has been, wow.  I just don’t have words to describe.  A year ago I might have been blunt and said, it will knock you on your ass, lol.  Now I am left with a smile on my face yet limited vocabulary and not much need to describe.  Maybe I’ve been in this phase for a few weeks now as often my role is to just experience and share a certain perspective.

It is a new/higher vibration and my mind and body is… processing and assimilating .  One can call it a download/embodying/waking up/union/ascending… another alignment.  These past few weeks have reminded me often of how much we are doing in a moment.  Years ago/at first though, we need to experience/practice each part/process individually.

There are moments in this journey where we are done with the past/old ways/thoughts/etc.  This seems to be one of those more defining times.  We are moving/hop, skip and jumping/leaping (think Olympic) ahead and no pausing/hem and hawing/overthinking or looking back.

I received an interesting short message and thought I’d share.  Send back your energy…  As if to the Universe or a different time space.  We do receive so much here and we do send out energy in all that we do… but I was now thinking this is another way to send on/exchange positive energy and to release/surrender what isn’t serving us (although we might not realize it).

I am also seeing several who have remembered/given permission to self/etc. to go for their dream and I can feel the Universe supporting them.  This has reminded me of my own process.  After years of personal discernment, practice and being in service, the Universe encouraged me to become very grounded in my reality the first of the year.  As if it was my time to look at it in a new way and start making some intentions.  Can I just note here I was ready to do this work years ago yet the Universe had other plans, experiences and stories to tell.  And while this (personal) work can be instant, at times unfolding takes months/time.

I’ve also been reminded, take nothing for granted… in particular, life.  I’ve been surrounded by surprise death.  Death takes on a very different meaning on this path… yet still, we are human and love.

And if you’re in a place/state of peace – yippee.  You’re helping all (including self) to stabilize experiences/energy and your own next.

I was reminded that some of the incoming gifts/reminders of our skills may be more than our mind would normally allow… haha.  Some are having amazing messages and healings happening now.

I also wanted to share that if you feel the energy in you, well… I am finding that now it seems to be coming in larger doses and I do need stop and rest.  It used to be even 5 minutes would do the trick but this weekend, I’ve needed an hour with each wave.  At times a message/guidance/word(s) will come.  If you get hard headed (me at times)… it will send you to bed so now I honor early and again feel, ready.

WE have been very busy.  We are there/here/everywhere… and all is well.  So very well.  Even if one doesn’t know the words to share, you know/feel.  And the words/wisdom will come 🙂

(And Spirit has given an art assignment and I’ll see how it turns out and may share).

So… arrival…?  Yes.  Of a new form/template/timeline/reality/a-ha.  For some it will be subtle/unfolding and others that POW/undisputable.    The next few weeks will be energetically busy and amazing.  ❤


P.S.  I saw the top picture and smiled.  Many of you read, where the waves turn backwards (message).  At the time I was thinking that’s a rip curl… and often it does feel like one.  Now though, I saw the infinity sign.  Oh that is this journey and all is well.

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