Let’s start, here.  Compassion.  Soft, tender, peaceful… it’s in the air/in us. 

In re-reading this post, it seems a bit choppy but going with it… guess another place the compassion piece/peace comes in.  I wrote most of this last night and will give the 3 a.m. update (lol) in the P.S.

For years, and years ago, I had an interest in the world of Spirit.  That interest started a journey.  That journey then started an ascending process.  And it’s been a wild ride since… as it’s gone from a world to very multidimensional.  Moments of intense energy/experiences/wow (oh how the energy can affect you) and moments of needing to go slow/silence and connection to Mother Nature… and yes, others.  There’s also a great deal of time living, serving, assimilating and all other duties as assigned.

Some though are “sick”/sick of ascending.  I do understand.  We each hold a certain remembrance/role.  Some are to embrace as glorious and some to go through kicking and cussing, lol.  It is an honor and a sacred passage… from my perspective.  And it’s not for the faint of heart as it’s an intense process on our body here.  For me the past few days have been a time of deep sleep, floating as I awake, feeling in my body/vessel… much!  The other day it felt like a fireworks show was happening.  I asked for words and heard, Cosmic Convergence.  Yes.

This then seemed to tie into a moment I had one evening.  It was a union/reunion/healing all rolled into one.  Reconnecting lifetimes/lines… lineages that had been disconnected/lost… tied down by karma and even free will.  At this point I’m not even sure I can find the words as it was an experience.

Opportunities may present now that one might not understand.  Go slow/with Spirit.  Often it’s about an energy exchange or reminder/healing.  We do remind others of who they are – their inner light.  We also heal… just with our presence.

Why does meditation work?  Because one is relaxed.  So much of connecting with Spirit/ascending happens when one allows.  If one is overthinking/worried, body tense, heart closed… your vibration = a brick wall.  And not (as) much will get through.  While often the journey is a timed event, we can dissolve walls/veils/choose higher experiences.

Some have/will be receiving messages of being relieved of certain duties/roles.  As if, thank you for your service in this way.  Some will need to be very grounded in certain areas/realities as the priority is here and now verses every dimensional, thing.  And many will be receiving new duties/roles… 🙂

We open… then we open hearts/minds/gates/portals/realities.  That is what they are, real.  We welcome.  Because We are well and want others to join us/come.  One can look for their signs or trust their knowing, then open and yes this can be done with ease yet also at times is a very intense/energetic event.  You breathe and in your own ways/time, stabilize.  Then you remind others.  And yes, it works in perfect harmony with, ALL;  Unity.  Compassion… and love.

So enough for now as I start another post that also seems to tie into this one and on the topic of ascending.   Much ❤ for now and forever.


P.S.  We have a nor’easter here, so overnight wind gusts.  They seemed to be like ocean waves.  I awoke at 3 a.m. bringing back knowledge.  I drifted in and out of sleep trying to write down all that I was receiving/experiencing.  They seemed to come in with each wind gust.  Short dreams, heat… then chill, feeling healings and purges, visitors, intense inner energy and an intense lower back pressure.  Busy!  So I will process and see how all of this unfolds.

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