Just hear me…

The past days few days/weeks/months have not be easy for some.  Heck 2016 was not easy for most and the hope that the new year brought… like, what the #@*?!   From my perspective I wished to share… Hold on.  You have been heard.  The energy is switching.  The solstice is basically here; the 20th.  So continue to breathe, sit tight, do the best you can, keep it simple and LOVE yourself and those close like you never – have – before.  This is a time of realizing, releasing, being heard, feeling supported and hugs.  From this much can spring forth. 

So now probably is not the time for pep rally inspiration or drastic action or change on your part alone… although…  You will know what is best for you.

Simple suggestions:  A warm blanket, cup of chi tea and reaching out and/or to check on another.  A good cry or night’s sleep.  Find an indoor pool or watch a movie.  Smiling at a stranger, holding the door and going just a bit slower.  Many are having cathartic releases.

We are here for a reason.  For all of it.  The ups and downs and the figuring it out.  And we will.  At times taking a step back/in is needed.  Regroup and then proceed as Spirit is always with us.  The answers will come.

And… may the luck of the Irish Angels be with you…  Wishing you a rainbow moment.


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