In my career days I was taught to multitask… and did, as if to be proud of this skill.  The Universe must have then noticed, lol.  There was a time though in my spiritual journey where I become so present in each and every task.  Yet… many of us have been getting used to the multiverse and how we see, do and are aware of multiple things, often simultaneously.  We did though start Mastering each of these steps/ways/dimensions individually and in time.  Last year though, things started to accelerate for many of us.

We are still here and present (for the most part, lol) just aware of other energies and roles that we have.  I can see where this isn’t for everyone though, nor should it be.  Each and every moment/way is special and this is not a hierarchy or needing multiple thing.

This past week (for me) has though been multi upgrades/healings/remembrance… the new/next.  Over a week ago I did have a few signs of something I couldn’t see and bumpy energy yet at this point I perceive all signs as positive, so I let go.  Can I just note here though that this has not always been the case.  There used to be good and bad/warning signs… and then I learned that often a sign I thought was not so good actually represented something special/amazing/needed.

So then a nor’easter and cold front came and for me this has been a consistent sign – prepare to chill.  I seem to not only prepare for a storm but to potentially not be at my physical norm.  When these upgrades come, I don’t receive as much guidance yet this time in flipping back in my notebook I saw that I was given some words in advance.  While I’ve done some homework and usually relay this information… I let go of the particulars this time.

Saturday  I felt like I was receiving/awakening/anchoring a large dose of energy.  My heart rate seemed faster and I moved slower.  It lasted for a few hours in the morning, then faded and then an evening dose.  Then I seemed to lose sense of time… still, as what day is it?   I’ve received messages on time, use/purpose/reality of money and that numbers/quantity is soooo not important before and again now reminders.

Then I had a night of very light sleep and a variety of activity.  I also seemed to receive a rather powerful dose of life force/Kundalini energy and my back was very tender for two days.  I wondered… could each vertebrae hold a blueprint?  As one finishes with a plan, another awakens.  I include these pictures I found (really for other possible reminders).

I also think it ties into feeling supported and now working with new timelines/templates and in new ways.

I will also share that there are times in this journey where it feels like one is under the Universe’s thumb.  As if an a-ha needs to be made or not your normal mood/mode.  I often think of this as a collective thing as well.  The/your group may be releasing/working through some tough stuff… and this can included your other selves/aspects.  At times we need pressure so that the diamond can form.

This is a healing journey.  We heal ourselves and (then) others.  Years ago my sign was one of my heels would start throbbing and then, sure enough a moment would happen and I’d realize there was no sense in running and to embrace and surrendered into the healing.  So I had a throb the other day and was a bit surprised – feeling that all that work was in the past… Ha!   We continue to let go of dreams/thoughts/old ways that no longer serve us yet at times this takes a moment of patience, self-care and love.  There are some beliefs/experiences/dreams we had to have to get us to this point.  And now (surprising to some), we let go to embrace what is to come.

While at times these upgrades are random, other times one will ask (or ask a question) and… bam!  It can be a timing thing and a vibration/readiness thing.  And upgrades of these sorts, the more physically felt as there are a variety, can make one very present… and humble.  For several days now I’ve been feeling the heat (lol).  Usually I’d get a random dose work up my spine but this has been significantly more often.  In the past the larger doses then seemed to leave me feeling a bit illish as something worked it’s way out of my system yet so far feeling fairly normal/healthy; Grateful!

So I was journaling on a few topics including, balance.  For many of us this is balancing our personal life and ways of service… yet they are also one in the same.  And I’ll share as I was chuckling as I thought… I haven’t seen (yet) much discussion on being an Awakened Mom (and worthy of another post).  Maybe the Awakened Woman term also covers this… yet… …    Mothers (of a new kind) are waking and rising up.

For some boundaries may also be in play.  From my observations, may lightworkers have issues with boundaries.  We do/serve without a second thought and as it should be yet will have times where we work on boundary issues/lessons; all good.  And then we let go as Spirit is bound less.

Some will now find that they have indeed lined up to their timeline.  One will know this… yet may also not know what’s next.  🙂  Much continues to blossom and unfold.  My bet is that many have had some good discernment/a-ha’s during this time.  This is a journey to get us to authentic… real… our new reality and way of being.  I also think on specialized paths yet I think the last time I wrote on this was well over a year ago.  Regardless… anytime is a good time to align to what is now true and brings you joy.  A new life might now be available.  For some they will leave a journey/process/cave and see a new way that has been waiting.  Embrace it with joy and love.

In light and love… and until next time.


(All pictures found online)


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