Immersion of LIGHT


Just checking in Loves and Lights.  How’s everyone doing?  It seems that this is a very fluid situation… now.  If you look/read around, oh so many possible experiences –  portals/windows/times/spaces.  Or it may be rather quiet and peaceful.  As for me, I was given a heads up that I might be forerunning a particular experience/different terrain.  The only guidance I’ve received from Spirit is,  Immersion… of light.  I do like the sound of that.

So I share these definitions:


So that alone might explain, enough.  For me the past 10 days have ben a more physical body experience.  I go and do… and rest as needed which seems to be mid morning and early evening most days.  I’ve continue to awaken from sleep feeling a bit physically and emotionally… not my self.  Often in morning meditation or end of the day gratitude Spirit will guide me with a clear message – that has also been quiet yet seems to be the pattern for these more physically intense processes.  It does feel like a mix of stability and a more involved upgrade.  Two signs I will share for your amusement:  a zit right under my noise (too old for, lol) and then a football smacking me in my face.  Ha!  Got it Spirit.  Do we understand when it’s right under our noise/in our face??  Hmm…

My latest mantra is, my happiness is whatever is my next/nowI trust.  I share this because with so many documented experiences one might be seeking/expecting this to happen when we each walk our unique and special path.  My happiness has also been celebrating life.  And Spring is here.  Gosh I love Spring!  Make time to be in your Nature.  It can be very grounding/therapeutic.

I will also share there seems to be a big shake up in vibration.  This plays out in many ways.  Always though aligning us.

I was pondering on Mystery School and one will often cross paths this word in a Spiritual journey.  It can be associated with Rosicrucian’s.  Then I chuckled.  I’ve felt for years now that is part of my mission – to make all of this… simple, easy… and normal… and not a mystery/secret.  This alone though is a huge flip since many of us carry long lineages of privacy/secrecy of our/the gifts.

So enough for now.  Happy Spring (yet may be Fall depending upon where you live) and Equinox. ❤


(All pics found online)

5 comments on “Immersion of LIGHT

  1. I was so shocked, but yet not when I saw you use the term fluid…..this is what I have been saying to myself to discribe the present multi-realities, we obviously are experiencing this simultaneously!! A very fluid situation indeed!!
    My emersion into the heavy salt baths….I’m upping the cups from 2, to
    Honestly, after the HUGE dose I recieved last Friday, I’ve been able to navigate with more ease, of course I did summon the Universe for help, and they have been helping in miraculous ways!! ☺️
    I love you, and thanks for sharing this wonderfully written post!!
    Feeling beyond blessed! 💞

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    • WE observe when it gets multi and keep things simple. And yes, we are all connected 🙂 Thank you for being YOU, Annette. Beyond blessed, to infinity and blessed… and beyond, tee hee.

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