No wonder…

Awoke at 5 a.m.  No rest for the weary as I was also up late, lol.  And more heat/life force/Kundalini running strong.  So let’s just do a quick recap.  First ten days of the month, planetary K/geo storm activity, high!  Then the next ten days, low!  As if two extremes.  Now we just had another jump up with also an electron flux.  While these charts and the process intrigues my mind… I also know they affect each person a bit differently.  They can affect mood, sleep pattern and can give one an energy boost or aid in major clearing/purging… healing.  🙂  They can also assist in awakening, dna changes and in your spiritual experiences/connection.  For some the past ten days has been, gamma.  Finding your center if you ride these energy waves becomes essential…

Because otherwise one might appear a bit, bi-polar.  Ahh, the Equinox symbolism is very fitting now.  While I often check these charts for giggles and as if checking the weather, we have to live.  While they can guide us, confirm or give us a heads up… we continue on.


The music continues…

No wonder… well, let’s flip that around.  WONDER ON!  Stay hydrated, rest/sleep as needed, love self and be kind to all.  It’s also a great time to create.  And sing… and dance… and play… I think you get it.  More, later.  ❤

UPdate:  Ha…


ANDchance of sync, random and Spirit showing you… very high!


[  Addendum:  When K is high (red) my observation has been it can be an energy booster, a lot can get done.  Yet one might be very affected and ungrounded, potentially spiritually high/drunk.  For one who is not in touch, it can trigger anger/aggression/disagreements/ impatience.  These geo storm can also affect electronics and all forms of communication.  When K is low, it leaves us open to gamma/upgrades/healings and at times this can be a bit challenging/slow us down.  We don’t want to seem bi-polar so riding these waves with ease, grace and using to our advantage.  Add in an electron flux (second chart at top)… usually this just flows yet when it spikes down, it’s like being nailed to the carpet.  A great time for letting go.  Often though each is having their own experience so it will affect each in accordance to their plan/vibration/time. While these charts can be helpful guides, for me not depending on them is even better.  Holding inner peace/leveling out – enjoying the ride/experience/all… no matter what’s in the atmosphere or tossed our way.   ]

11 comments on “No wonder…

  1. Your words are so meaningful to me today. Feeling bipolar indeed. Created a massive healing for me yesterday that reconnected energy long gone from my awareness. And with it, lots of old sadness is finally allowed to flow through. The irony is, as my awareness about life has been increasing exponentially recently, I’m finally being able to understand my bipolar mother (understand what was going on with her and what was the difference between she and I).

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