Life Force Energy

After this morning dose of life force energy…

I like that word better than Kundalini  (because I always misspell it, lol, thank goodness for spell check).  I also like, chi… and found this online definition interesting.  If you follow along, you know I see a lot of X symbolism.


It has been, heat.  It’s been pretty consistent for about 10 days now.  There’s also been a few days of lower back tenderness, too.  I am of the age where one could easily say, you mean menopausal hot flashes yet I know this is something completely different.  I’ve had this symptom gift come off and on for several years now.  Usually it would just be a blast.  A fire that awoke something.  At first it didn’t make me sick and then, it did.  As if it found a block and it needed to be released.  I’ve been fortunate that now, other than the occasional hour of feeling not ideal… I do feel good.  I will also say I don’t push myself like I used to either and this alone may make a big difference.

So this morning’s dose did indeed feel like this chart.  As if I felt every pulse and wave.  We do become this connected to the Universe.

And it left me… oh …  Well, let’s just say I crawled out of bed to sit outside and meditate.  I found myself completely, surrendered.  Spirt reminded me that this is a process and my/our body has been being prepared/repaired for years now.

Spirit had given me a heads up about a three week process and I am now thinking I’m in the middle of it.  As usual, lol, not what I thought.  I did recently note:  encoding your gems/genes.  Ahh.  And I have no idea what the second half of my life will be like but Spirit/the Universe/I must have plans.  But of course we do!

I will also ad that two years ago was my darkest dark night/knight and one could assume that it’s all sunshine and roses after that.  Well, it is… yet we continue to purify and fortify our vessel/body.  I was a bit surprised at the emotional release as tears streamed this morning yet I knew holding back would = physical symptoms/dis ease.  We don’t have to understand, we just have to allow.  Trust your body and process.  At times we do need to release what we can’t see yet.  The blinders are coming off for many and in many ways.

And I also think on yesterday were there was a lot of bubbly activity around my heart.  Like a flutter/excitement.  As I meditated, it was a light show.  Pulsing and then it faded.  It left me with a smile verses questioning.

In the past I’ve received short messages on the varies types of grids:  Crystal, Light, Solar.  I could say at some point they became, one in the same.  Yesterday I was receiving a message on the Human Heart Grid.  And I smiled now realizing this is one I’ve always been connected to.  The empath in us.  We do feel a lot and hold more love than a body.  It is who we are and our purpose.  LOVE.  And on that note… I will pause.

Let the chi and love flow!


(All pics found online)

2 comments on “Life Force Energy

  1. Thanks for sharing about the X symbol which comes up for you and the meanings. Chi, yes, how interesting!
    And it also reminds me of a book I am currently reading. ‘Peace’ by Mari Perron, the one who wrote A Course Of Love, the ACIM successor. She also got the X symbol often and wondered about the meaning. Something about Christ , connection, center…. I am starting to pay more attention now to when this comes up for me.

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