What if …

Your future self paid you a visit?  Just ponder.  What would they see?  Surely no judgment.  Surely lots of smiles and love.  What amazing things would he/she say to you?  

While it is great to think on the future… what would they tell you about now?  Many of you who read along here are very wise, dialed in and guided.  Some receive messages from great sources.  🙂


Here’s to another great day.  It is great to be alive.  ❤


(top three pics found online, bottom three my morning view)

4 comments on “What if …

  1. My future did pay me a visit…my future granddaughter visited me in an OBE. She didn’t tell me much, though, just that she was my granddaughter, the daughter of my youngest son. I knew her name, too – Katherine. Her message was thank you for life. I guess then that life in the future isn’t too bad if she is grateful for it. 🙂

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