A time of much to unfold


TBA… Yup!  Spirit reminded me that much is in play and to… let it play out.  This is a time to be… flexible.  If you’re goal oriented, in problem solving mode, or crave structure/control/being in the know… well… tee hee.  I will say that I feel this universal sigh of relief, as if much work has been done.

I feel as if I haven’t done an energy/more collective update in a bit… yet I have.  Yesterday seemed to be a day of signs.  There are so many ways to be reminded and guided by Spirit.  So even if you don’t receive messages (yet), you know.  Spirit often guides us in songs, dreams, nature, others, the random and surprises.  Everything holds a vibration.

In meditation and everyday life, Spirit has been a bit quieter or shorter in the messages I receive as the more physical upgrades/process has been happening.  There does though seem to be a bundling going on behind the veil.  A forming of new and different groups and these connections will soon come into our reality.  So if you have been feeling alone/unloved/misunderstood, hold on.  This has been an interesting theme of shorter whispers/messages this past week as we know on many levels that we are loved, supported and not alone.  We though, at times, examine and clear these feeling so that we can pull our next and new group/friends/connections.

Spirit did ask many to let go, let go, let go… and then it does get very simple/calm/quiet… and for a reason.  One will get clear, embody/fortify, see what they need to see or do… really, whatever words fit your situation.  All amazing work/joy.

About a year ago I felt like I was in a time of exchanging soul aspects pretty rapidly and this seems to continue on some levels.  I received a message on, Old Soul to Young Soul.  Ha… as many of us have often referred to self as old souls.  We are eternal.  Hmm… since I also received the word choice a few days later of Eternal Bodies complete.  Yet… … what does that mean?  For us here and now; like immortality… or reconnected to… ??  Like many messages, hold it loosely as it can have multiple meanings to include possibly tying into Easter symbolism, Heavenly body, resurrection = reconnection.

So I smile as I sing, forever young and  I don’t want to live forever,  I (Spirit/Our Higher Self)  just wanna keep calling your name, till you come back home.  Spirit does call us home in a variety of ways.  For many, just to be reminded of our innocent youth/child-like/fun nature… as well as many other things, too.  Our divineness, completeness and gifts.

So serious minded…?  Relax!  We got this.  Stop thinking and let Spirit show you.  And April Fools will be here before we know it. Yet we’ve advanced in the (tarot) deck.  No fools.  Many Masters.  4/1/2017 = 4/1/1.  It may be a day of information/transformation.  And ahh, we have a full moon on 4/11.

In love, light and service.  Thank you for reading.  Blessing!  ❤

4 comments on “A time of much to unfold

  1. You’re singing my song again. Big 411 yesterday started rolling back in. Taking me back home to childhood. Caught up with a childhood friend to compare notes, but some 411 is still incomplete. And some info my friend shared feels a bit backwards (very in character for her character). Lots of seeing and then releasing for me lately. Might need to go get help to see this one trying to resurface, as it was beyond deep and buried. Thanks for your take on things. Works for me too.

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