Rise and Shine

Good morning loves and lights.  The doves are cooing – a reminder that love is in the air, well, always… and the roosters are crowing.  For me this was a weekend of realizations, interesting dreams (food theme) and peace.  That easy breezy kind.  It was an outdoor weekend and lawn mower meditation… ahh, the smell of spring and fresh cut grass.

I will also say though at times to get clear we pull lessons/situations to us.  It may take a time to digest/discern/ponder on and then know.  And if something feels off… well, we are forerunners.  We’ve already gone before and sampled and may now be feeling the summary – minus the details and that can stir up much fuss in one’s mind.  It can be simple though, trust your gut/intuition/forerunning ability.

We are growing into our moreness.  Who we really are/wish to be and experience.  Much is unconscious so this is a never ending journey/joy/surprise at what one might find.  Yet if one is holding on to the old, you’ll probably be made very aware, now.  And this is also a time of using our Mastery skills and leave no new karma behind.  Ha… like a trail sign.


This is a time to let loose and let go.  Getting us to a place where we need no thing and everything is provided.  If you are feeling overwhelmed/confused/anything other than peace and love, clear your channel.  Keep it so/soul simple.

We’ve had an energetic past 12 hours. Going from calm and flowing to, bam.  For some this may be felt in situations as if no warning; what was yesterday/yes is no longer.  It also has the make up of a dark night trigger/pulse (cause let’s also add a new moon) so let’s be aware/supportive as others cross our path and this unfolds.  We’re all in this together.  And self-care/love, as always, too.  We are walking through some powerful gateways/awakenings.

I seem to feel more though signs I am seeing like this interesting cloud formation and a Sun halo that stayed present for hours on Saturday.  And this white moth that greeted me this morning.  I’d seen a luna moth on a walk.  When I asked Spirit about the cloud, I was reminded of several things that have happened over the past six weeks and was then told, embodiment of galactic corewhooo… and no wonder.  It has been a bit physically intense for a few weeks now.

I’ve mention Clarion Call before in writing and now realizing that we initiate this call.  The vibration one holds.  It may seem as if coming from the outside and many do perceive it this way.  Really just one of a million ways/moments/experiences and for some it will be profound.  One can say it’s your mission/next assignment yet we are doing our mission in each and every moment.  And you might just be surprised at who/what calls as it can also be subtle; not all angels need trumpets.

I may need to start a food dream dictionary, lol.  I am certain one of these reasons I came to Earth was to taste.  In my journey I’ve also had to make peace with food and my body.  I used to weigh 90 pounds more.  Any perceived weakness becomes our strength.

And a buffet is being placed before us.  What do you wish?  This is not always a sit down, meal brought to you experience.  Get up and look and sample/try.  Or get in the “kitchen” and start creating.

So enough for now and thank you for reading.

Stay in knowing.  Ahh, the now.  That is where peace can be found.  Some will find themselves anew, clean slate/plate, peaceful.  In gratitude and love.  Not needing yet being.  Now this is a great vibration.  All is well!  ❤


(Middle 3 pics found online, others taken by self)

3 comments on “Rise and Shine

  1. I am realizing more and more that everything about our experiences in life comes from within, even though we see life acted out outside of us. How we feel about every experience we have, how we interpret everything, is wholly dependent on what thoughts, feelings, and beliefs live in us. Yes, I heard a clarion call a few months ago that I now realize came from a part of me that’s been waiting for me.

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