Oh boy are we shedding!  Can you feel it?  It’s not just for snakes, crabs and cicadas.  It might be so subtle; just a change of mind/heart.  A letting go and moving in a slightly different direction.  Or more of the false self… lies/old beliefs/ways/trauma.  And only good can come from this.  Awesome will come from this.  In the moment though, it may feel messy/awkward… yet…  

One does the best they can.  Some a-ha’s/clearings are bigger than others and very much needed, now.  This is what we came here for.  Let/allow it happen so one can get back to flowing and embracing anew.  Stay open, breathing… you got this.  It may be felt as a spring cleaning… or deep clean.

Some are feeling some higher pulses and they are needed to align to the higher timeline/possibilities of one’s life.  They can be felt in many ways.  Again, open, relax, keep it simple.  Some are anchoring in some rather large doses.

I’ve been hearing new tones.  No words yet; in time.  I was shown to dream from the heart, verses the mind.  There is a difference and will have fun practicing with this.

So working on some shorter posts, just possible reminders… yet one never knows what’s in store, lol.  ❤  ❤  ❤


(Pics found online, uncertain of org. source)

9 comments on “Shedding

    • OH boy am I/we doing some serious shedding indeed!! Thank you Molly for this post, and as always you have hit home with me!
      And the TONES, yes! CHIMES in fact……even my husband came in two days ago asking ‘did you hear that’? What I replied, those chimes, well of course at that time I didn’t, but on my walk in Nature yesterday with my canine companions, I did…..ever so softly, however what my husband heard was a bit bolder, I have to laugh a bit as I think it would of had to of been in order to get his ATTENTION…LOL I couldn’t resist!! My beloved in definitely feeling THE SHIFT, and that does bring me comfort, and joy, because this can be a very lonely process. Many other tones recently as well, some I can’t even describe at the moment.
      I am OPEN, I am RELAXING, and I am GOING to keep it beyond SIMPLE, as I have been anchoring some pretty LARGE DOSES as of late!!
      I’m going to try and describe my latest experience just in case someone out there has experienced something similar.
      Upon waking, first of all my vision was extremely blurred, this for me is always an indication that HUGE downloads of LIGHT/ENERGY/HIGHER FREQUENCY/sometimes I don’t fully know what or how to explain it! 🙃
      I had this overwhelming feeling of fatigue, not good as I had to go to work, so as a result the anxiety set in, again not good! I believe if I could have stayed home that day, it would have been SO much better, and from now on I will no matter what!!
      Along with blurry vision EVERTHING was SO amplified/enhanced! I was walking in this realm, and definitely another realm as well, and it was very hard to think/function, and I bet many that ran into me that day, especially in the grocery store after work ( I work alone, thank you Great Spirit )!!!! must have thought I was really ‘OUT TO LUNCH’….LOL. I will say I DID FEEL QUITE UNSTABLE!
      I know this probably all sounds pretty crazy, and believe you me it can make one question their sanity, but I have been gifted with knowledge about The Shift, and have been with the ‘program’ since 1999 😜 I do plan on getting much better at NAVIGATING the NEW ENERGIES,OH WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME TO BE ALIVE, although it can sure feel at times, anything but!!
      Onwards and Upwards we Go!!

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  1. Ah, yes. Last night, I “shed” (really, I shredded) some old financial records no longer necessary, from my married years. At first, was a bit mournful as I looked at the life I had. And then, felt so free–couldn’t get rid of it all fast enough:).

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