Fast Moving Energy

There seems to be some fast moving energy in the air so… let’s use it to our advantage.  One can connect in meditation (and just about anything can become a meditative practice) to assist in letting go/clearing and feeling the incoming joy… the ease/knowing that is also right here and now.

It may also be seen or feel like pressure… (or even pain).  This is a season of death/birth/re-birth/renewal.  And for some it will assist in getting stuff done swiftly and with ease… yet this is also interesting as many are in a time of not needing to do.  One will know though if they have been procrastinating – get er done and let’s move on.

Last night I wrote pages of notes.  A conversation with Spirit that surprised yet intrigued me.  Most of the message… honestly is information that is best relayed one-on-one/in person/as needed.  It’s for a certain group/vibe of spiritual seeker/journeyer.  This is the interesting thing as when I started blogging, after months of sharing all that I knew at that time, Spirit started sending what I thought was weird/out there stuff (well, the out there part was right) AND encouraged me to put it out there.  And I did to quickly realize it wasn’t weird at all.  The past few months though, some messages I don’t feel the need to place out and about.  Yes, we’re in a time of full disclosure yet we can decided how.  One can write/share a perspective and how it’s perceived… can be in a hundred and forty-four thousand ways.   This one, I’ll just mention as a Second Dark Night.  It’s simple yet complex and delicate in nature.  This journey does have moments of depression/dark nights/Knights and some experience a Mack daddy DK and would think, never again/glad to have survived.  Well…

On a lighter note (although that was 🙂 …  I was playing name that tune/movie with Spirit the other day.  I had several situations I was trying to better understand and asked what song best described what I couldn’t see.  Can I just say the songs that came either made me LOL, surprised me and/or I needed to look up the lyrics to better understand the story/vibration.  I will say though that each gave a perspective that so resonated with me.

I was also reminded that we can show up in anyone’s dream.  We know this and do this yet… seem to be encouraged to start/play/do more of this intentionally/purposefully.  So, let’s have some fun!!

Alright kiddos…  We are in the new paradigm/Earth… and lower timelines have dropped.  So… no going back.  Much may now seem like an illusion (what was true and real for one even yesterday).  While for some it can be a stark contrast, for others it might be so subtle/natural… even quiet or feel a bit isolated/lonely.   Not for long.  Things are quickly moving along.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  And so, let it begin.  ❤




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