Sound, Light & Hz (Homework)

Often enough something I don’t completely understand comes into my energy.  I’ve been gifted a healthy (verses strong) mind and wish to remember and relay.  At times though as I start to research in the here and now, the science part gets too… much.  One does have to balance the left side/info with the right side/Spirit/simple. 

So for now I’m just going to place some pictures I found online verses going into science nerd/space camp/researcher mode, lol.  I am sure there is someone who does understand all of this as I already sense this is one of those topics that overflows into, more.  Much more.  It does tie into the gamma/geo/photon/etc. charts, creating a light body (the process) and our gifts.  It can also branch off into several other topics, easily… and quickly.

Lightworkers/wayshowers/spiritual teachers often are bridges.  Bridging afar to here and now, and science and spirituality.   I’ve noticed that if I do need to understand, Spirit comes back around and finds a unique and often easy way to explain.  While many may not need to know, it is fun to learn something new.  To make a connection.  And often it’s about just passing along teasers/breadcrumbs for those who do need to find a piece of a much larger puzzle/picture they’ve been working on.

So, one can click on a pic to enlarge.

Shifting slightly to info  hearing range .


(side note on anxiety… at times as we have these experiences anxiety can ride along, more research later)

And we say things like, raise your vibe… yet… we connect when at a lower hz.

And slightly shifting again, a note I found online: 

sonochromatism or sonochromatopsia – Latin:  sono (sound) + Greek:  chromate (colour) + Greek:-opsia (seeing)    And this interesting article, too… yet can take one on a whole other topic.

Honestly what got all this started was wondering why one might run interference with Wi-Fi and microwaves.  Yet then more questions like, what do dogs/birds/animals hear/sense as I was noticing certain patterns.  And… what can human’s really see… as these energy waves/upgrades bring new hue’s.  And, the process part as I’ve felt of so much of this/so in touch with the Universe and incoming energy and, that which is happening in my body.

For now though… enough… and a reference for later.  Thanks for exploring this with me.  🙂  ❤


ALL pictures found online.

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