Divine Alignment


Okay kiddos… we’ve been “working” for months now.  Well… possibly years/decades.  While we do stay in the moment, we also explore, forerun and vision as we often strive to align to the next/our truth. 

Really we do a lot of things as we also live.  Many have been working on their next and not even sure what that is yet.  Like what have all these clearing/upgrades/moments been about/for??  Well… for many reasons and most of us don’t even question.  This is a journey of faith, trust, love and perseverance.  Joy, too…. (let me stop here because the list could actually get pretty long).

Much is still fluid and in play.  As if several balls are in the air… awaiting to drop in perfect order/rhythm/synchronicity.  And often Spirit/life brings something we can grown into/from.  So now… well anytime, is a good time to send off new requests as we are not who we were even yesterday.  In each moment we’re making choices, changes and refining our vibration.  So highest thoughts and for glowing plans yet also holding them loosely.  Surprise is Spirit.  I do get the sense that gifts/new paths/opportunities are getting ready to present… and crystal clear.  Yes, it may be over the next several weeks/months; patience and ease.  Often we do await for Heaven parting, angels singing, harps playing moments.  They can and do happen often, yet one might not see all the joy and celebration.  Enjoy the smaller and just as important ones until… 🙂

So I think of Rain Down On Me… either the Kirk Franklin version or Phil Collins; both different words yet quite possibly the same vibe.  For me, this past week just about everything has become a song to sing.


We know good stuff is coming and we balance this with…

Whatever it may bring as this moment matters.  And it is also good… love… and can be peace.  I do hope you see, feel and know this.  This month of March.  In like a lion, out like a lamb…?  Well… (see energy update below).  All of what we’ve experienced has gotten us to now.

So I wish to pause here and say, thank you.  In gratitude and humility… and much love… oh so much love.


(Top picture,  ❤ , found at:  http://  robyn237.rssing.com/chan-7220415/all_p10.html)


If you couldn’t sleep last night, here’s a possible reason why.  Geo storm/Solar flare activity… HIGH.  And two burst and we haven’t had one in 12 days.  Let’s stay centered, observe, continue to breathe and flow.  Rest if and when you can, get in nature, journal.  Have an awesome weekend.  Be open to new experiences as this is a gateway passage; they might just be surreal!  For some, they will be of the healing/clearing/take care of your vessel type.  When in doubt, LOVE is the answer.


3 comments on “Divine Alignment

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  2. Molly,
    You always put a smile on my face! I was just saying to a co-worker there is a song for every life situation. The last couple of weeks when something comes it has brought a song to mind that seems to go with that moment.

    Things have definitely been “interesting” lately.

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