April Showers and Shifts

Shift!  I know this is a rather common word/phrase in the spiritual community but it is the right word at the moment as I’ve been literally walking sideways often today.  My body, these past few months, all these new ways to know what is happening.  While I used to look externally for signs and continue to see or, the whisper from Spirit… I often don’t even now need.

For example, as I write I feel the energy moving in me (those shifts/bubbles that seem to rise from just below the heart area to above).  This for me has become a sign that gates/portals are opening; the treasure chest.  What this means is a bit different for each person.  It can be like veils lifting and one will now see/know something they didn’t.  Usually when anew opens, it can take days to unfold and discover, so enjoy.  At times, what didn’t work, now will.  Much of this journey is about timing and doing things just a bit different.

External signs for me have also changed.  For some time, rain symbolized release… and often in tears/sadness.  Then it became more of an ease and just letting go and letting it flow.  As if watching a gentle stream.  Then rain became a symbol for renewal, and now… seems to symbolize, gifts.

I’ve also become rather neutral about signs and now observe verses trying to label.  Observing can = peace.  An example:  it was as if a bucket of gravel had be dropped in front of the house.  Each time a car drove by, I could hear the thump.  I chuckled, thinking, bumpy road ahead.  The me of a year ago would have been anticipating the bumps or wanting to know/transcend… or even avoid.  While a few bumps did come… no big deal as this is life.  I am happy to be here and now to enjoy the ride; smooth or bumpy.

Spirit has been reminding me for weeks that it’s all, done.  We’ve done the work.  So if one is exhausted/exacerbated… acknowledge that you’ve done the best you could with what you have/know/see… and then trust that a new way is coming… or is about to be seen.  Trust, relax and open up.  I compare this to a trip to the store.  We’re often swift in our motion and grab and go; knowing what we want.  The other day I had extra time and very slowly walked down the store aisles.  I was surprised at all of the choices… actually at times baffled as I remembered on several occasions looking for something and feeling it wasn’t there.  Well… maybe it wasn’t but there were so many other great options that for some reason I didn’t see.  Life is often like this, too.

This weekend also seems to be a reminder that we, got it.   The it being whatever we needed to see/do/experience/needed to know.  And at times this includes any clean up.  We are now truly ready for the next; like never before.

And… I also thought of the many (more than we realize) spiritual writers that are currently writing… and why.  Well, for a variety reasons but one of them is to give a gift… and it is called hope.  We are not different than another.  We, too, experience much.

I was also reminder about input, output and still points.  At times we take so much in or put out great volumes and it can be easy to overdue when it’s not necessarily needed.  Still points are moments where you are so present… a zero point.  One can find these moment in meditation, just sitting/resting (or even randomly) and it can take a moment to, come back.  As is slipping into another place/void.  It can be a reset that happens in a second.  Allow these moments.  A balancing point yet not; more like a synching up or reminder that all is well.  So I will also share that one can get so caught up in the/their journey and may not realize how sacred and profound of an experience one has had.  Experience, integrate, give thanks and… also enjoy being here and now as it is for a reason.

So I feel the theme for April is JOY.  Love.  New.  And remembering that no thing/form is worth our happiness as we know too much.  Whatever may come, we stay in knowing… and hopefully joy and peace.  And yes, we will continue to grow/change/adapt/dream… and 111 other things, lol.

So ready…?  Smiling…?  Gosh, I hope so.  Enough for now and thanks for reading.  ❤

14 comments on “April Showers and Shifts

  1. I have read that ‘THE VEIL HAS LIFTED’ in fact it lifted/was removed 3/20/17, so it has been written…now for quite some time now, I had often caught myself saying that ‘THE VEIL IS GETTING THINNER’….not sure why, other than I just had a inner feeling, and TRUSTED it! All I do know is that something has lifted, and I feel incredibly calm, and peaceful, and this for me has been quite RARE for my ENTIRE LIFE….so yeah this feels HUGE!!
    I do HOPE others are feeling this too, but I/we know that we are not all on the same ‘stair step’, but do not despair……as I believe you soon will be!! 💖💞💖

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  2. I’m ready, and I’m smiling, and I could not agree more with all that you have shared here!!!
    Onwards and Upwards in much LOVE, PEACE, AND JOY!!
    ❤️ YOU!!

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