Our Authentic Self


I seem to forget that when a gate/anew opens it’s so quiet at first.  At times it’s like this for a day or two.  I share this since I often feel the excitement before/as it opens and well… I am ready for that excitement, too, lol.  Kid at heart. 

So a few quiet days and this can be peace/joy or…  (whatever one needs to work on/clear).  And at night what seemed like no dreams and then feeling/knowing busy nights yet no recall.  And then it came.  Yesterday was a HIGH energy day for me (and possibly another post).  And by the end of the day I was so clear, grounded and grateful… for oh so much.  Yet I can remember in the past when a day such as this came… it can then leave a hangover of sorts.  Really more so a time to integrate.

While there have been times when I’ve been given a heads up of what’s next… often I am clueless/open/ready to be reminded or surprised.  For me March was a time to try new things without being attached to the outcome.  It was also a time to grown even more into who I AM… yet really, this has been constant for all of us.  I was also feeling physical upgrades and the words given were, plasma body.  When I went to look this up, plasma is depicted as golden in color; as in our sun.  I’ve also been reminded that for some, physiology has greatly changed.


Spirit also gave reminders of this being another balance and polishing stage.  And yes, even more a-ha’s.  At times with personal a-ha’s, one may feel if action is needed and this is sometimes the case.  Other times though, just making the realization is enough… and then allowing nature to run it’s course.  Change your vibration/thoughts/dna, change your life.

Over the past two days, I’ve seen so many welcome signs and then had to chuckle.  Yup… welcome to New Earth and the new paradigm.  While we’ve been visiting, it’s an official, more permanent change of address.  And with this may come a change in your energy signature.  I’ve heard this word used before yet didn’t quite understand.  So to put it simply, it’s your energy/heritage/blueprint. What you have done and are destined to do.  I could feel energies bundling a week or so ago and this will also be playing out – new connections in accordance to your vibe and plan.  And it is nice to be reminded of who we are so find your tribe (or let them find you) and love fiercely.

This is indeed a journey of getting to one’s authentic self, here and now.  That’s all that’s left after all the purging/healing/reconnecting/remembrance.  And it is so many things and no thing.  One might now see… or smell when another is not being authentic.  We seem to have a 111 mile radar and 911 sensor.  Yet one will also know that it’s not necessarily their place to bring this to light as it can be a deer in the headlights moment.  While we can plant seeds/spark/remind… each in their own time and ways.  And some get a bit critical of 3D (moments/people) yet that’s where we all started/were at some point.  Honor all of it, the enormity.

So I’ll also share that I’ve observed this need in some to be, right.  In a particular situation, I started to chuckle to myself.  Ego needs to be right, not Spirit.  When one plays/lives in the multi, it’s all right.  What may be needed is validation… which = love.

The synchs have been high and the music continues.  ❤  For some, messages may now fade and experiences will surface.  Don’t be fooled by this, you’re still very dialed in/on course.  Say YES! to whatever comes next… or discern, or use your free will.  There is no reason though to keep at bay what awaits you.  For some this will come in the quiet/stillness.  As if resting under an apple tree and plop… the epiphany.

So in closing, I will share a phrase that is taking on new meaning:  What could I possibly tell you that you don’t already know. 

I love you and thank you for reading.


P.S.  If you feel stuck, get in the sun and self-activate.  Or do something that bring you joy or is out of routine.  At times we have to let our self into the new energy… and it is magic that runs through our veins, giddy laughter/joy and music.  For others, you may be high on light… so keep it so/soul simple.  ❤


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