Rising Sun

Really this is more of just a, checking in.  My mind, heart and body seem to be allowing and processing.  No rush or pressure.   While we’ve had a strong line of storms, this morning I sat with the sunrise and started singing, house of the rising sun.  I’m not sure what the original song meant.  It seems to be taking on it’s own meaning for me now.  Music does seem to be pouring out of me the past few weeks.  As if there is a song/answer to just about everything. 

It would be easy to say that the past few days have had many moments and shifts (and no way to cover it all in a post).  To possibly include, veils lifted and blind spots are now seen.  This can be glorious… or… for some a bit tougher as if, can one weather another storm?  Some a-ha’s/truth are, bigger.  Keep breathing as all of this will play out.

It’s been a while since I used the bizarre word but those moments/experiences are,  b-a-c-k, lol.  Taking us to a new level of what might not be considered normal here… and greatly expanding our mind.  This too will also settle.  They can also be labeled as, cosmic/interstellar or divine!

One may also be having what I call, WHOOOA moments.  One is just waking up even more.  Enjoy.  For some they will need, space… time to savor or process; again, no rush.

Some many need to now hear from us.  Much of this journey is about relationships/energy exchanges.  It may be face-to-face (eyes are windows to the soul) or phone calls – our voice, the tone becomes a reminder and activation over an email/text message.  Be open to these moments as they present… verses dismissing/ignoring/putting off.  It is your energy signature/gift/purpose.  We’ve changed much even in the past few days; now holding a new vibration.

I do feel this is a time of great expansion.

And what if, what’s next just isn’t in our mind/perceived range of concept?  Yet repeat after me…


And it is now and can/will be amazing.  So… I pass along these simple pictures to remind.  Look for your signs… the glow.  Make a wish.  Plant seeds.  Know all is well.

(Never seen such a bright pink whirly bird before, looked like an angel wing.  You can click on pic to expand.)

I thank you for reading.  Hugs… and more, soon.  The winds here continue.  Much is being blown around so let’s see where this takes us.  ❤


P.S.  Full moon is Tuesday… 411 (haha) so… we may continue to see/understand/know much over these next few days.

7 comments on “Rising Sun

  1. Hi Molly!
    Thanks for checking in. Great post!! I too seem to be allowing/processing much, and ‘moments/experiences are b-a-c-k’…..yep, back indeed for me after a week or more of restful peace/calm, of which I needed, and am deeply grateful for!! This morning/today so far I have felt less than peaceful/calm, in fact, I have felt down right agitated, this too shall pass, and this I KNOW AND TRUST NOW MORE THAN EVER!! All is well with my SOUL 😑
    I always loved the song House of the Rising Sun, however I don’t ever remember it having a real meaning for me other than, I just liked it,and would sing along.
    I looked at your bright pink ‘whirly bird’, and I too saw ANGEL WING, beautifully detailed!!
    Last evening before dark I was watching the sky…..we had stationary Cumulus clouds, and on top of them were the Cirius layer just flying/racing across the sky, my first thought was ‘we are outta here’, kinda of like seeyalaterbye….lol All in all though, I feel it was a sign for me that ‘ALL’ is indeed moving at a VERY ACCELERATED level now…..whooosh!!
    I do agree with you, I too feel a great time of expansion is in progress!! Onwards and Upwards, as I lay flat on my b-a-c-k with my old friend M-A-C-K…….teehee 😬

    ❤️ Ya!

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    • Oh Annette, you make me laugh. I rested this afternoon and feel the deep chill yet know this = dna changes/upgrades… and to, chill. The birds are really talking/singing/delivering messages today, too. Agitated… yup… some in pain… or I am reminded to pass along pissed off and fired off. All signs of new birth and are to honored yet not necessarily the right energy/fuel to stay in/run on long-term. So thank you for sharing all of this. I do LOVE you so. You/We got this! ❤

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      • Oh my, you make me laugh too…’pissed off and fired off’ haha! Glad you reminded me….’All signs of new birth’! AND dna changes/upgrades, so important to remember this!! Thank you!
        Yes! You/We definitely got this!! 😘

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  2. Molly, each time I read your posts, they speak so deeply to me. After a day of mostly heavy rain, as I was driving home from work I saw the most incredible rainbow! Ah-ha moments and clarity. Things seem to be happening so quickly that I find myself needing the time to process it all.

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    • Me, too. Times of so getting it immediately… and then this knowing/calmness/letting it play out. We are weathering these “storms” and ❤ ing the rainbow moments… and, and, haha. I do love hearing from you, so thank you 🙂


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