Quick check-in

Just a few random thoughts to pass along.  It seems that some Galactic work is being done now and this is on a need-to-know basis.  So… if it’s quiet… no worries.  Enjoy your time.  I was told yesterday For… or did they mean Four days of quiet.  Hmm, lol.

Interesting though, this would put us at Good Friday which is an important day/weekend/moment/experience for some on the journey.

I personally could feel yet another rather large collective release yesterday and then that deep inner chill as I rested.  For many, we’ve been on a non-stop intense adventure… discovering/healing/remembering/practicing/embodying.  I glanced at my notes from the past two months and was like, wow.  Now… a break…?  🙂  Possibly… so trust that Spirit knows how to get your attention.  Use your time/freedom/free will.  Spirit is in every moment and all that we do.  We live and love as it’s the glue and reason we’re here.

(In my notes which was now interesting to see/remember:  March – May are important.  Well, every moment is so interesting that this was emphasized.  And… I was noting not sure what’s next and the response was:  No one is.  Ah, interesting, particularly if you come from the stance or teachings of, it’s all already been done.)

I will say that reading/writing/teaching on spirituality is easy.  Truly living/embodying it in the here and now… not always.  And this is okay.  All is well.  Some may feel as if they’ve recently been tested/assessed/pushed/triggered a bit.  These are also divine moments.

I’ve also noticed several visit from animals.  Dogs, a young hawk and owls in the late evening just to name a few.  Each holding a vibration/energy/message/reminder.

So… have some fun… please ? !  🙂   In gratitude and ❤

8 comments on “Quick check-in

  1. I felt the energy running through parts of my body a few days ago. This morning I woke up vibrating, which hasn’t happened in a while. All of this manifesting as anxiety off and on. Things manifesting rather quickly. Recently saw my signs for things accelerating again, or is that still?

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    • Yes… and awesome, things manifesting quickly… and yes, I’m seeing/feeling that today, too. Our world is moving fast/quickly around yet I was centered/calm/at peace… I often see when K/geo charts go yellow/red yet not the case yet… ha… just check again, we did go yellow for a 3 hr period! So dialed in are you!! I feel as if I’ve been prepared for both/all… slow/medium/fast and we’ll see which track plays out. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I heard “deconstructing timelines”. Didn’t write on it though. Feels like the same stuff as always. lol Yes, Friday and this weekend will be active for some (me?). Venus goes direct on Saturday after a long while retrograde. Thinking it’s a time of ReUnion again.

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    • I love hearing from you 🙂 Yes, it does seem like we’ve been deconstructing for some time now… I am ready/trying to construct though, lol. Yippee, thanks for sharing… come on Venus!!

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