What does light encoded mean?


Oh us spiritual writers/teachers.  We often use words yet… what do they mean?  I was cleaning out my email and noticed several light encoded emails from forerunners and paused thinking, I’ve even used this term in my writing.  Yet what does it mean and what can it do for one?  One can light encode writing, music, paintings/pictures, activations, etc.  While some don’t need an explanation…

Well, let’s keep this simple and as always, this is just a perspective.  Dayna would also be a great resource.  I mean have your seen her amazing paintings which she has turned into cards and continues to create?

So Light can = truth.  Light is also a vibration.  Depending upon one’s vibration a word/picture/tone can hold multiple meanings… and can blossom into a scavenger hunt/new truth/teaching/healing.  It can be instant, simple… ohh so simple!!  or become very involved depending upon one’s journey/plan/need.  (Just a reminder, the mind craves order and understanding.  Our mind is a gift… yet keeping it in balance with the simplicity and ease of Spirit.)

Often a spiritual teacher/channel/being will connect with a particular/higher  ray/vibration and then share.  The light can assist in soothing, healing, clearing, reminding and lifting energy.  Getting one to the next… or reminding them of what is really important.  There is oh so much we can let go of.  It’s like light codes cut to the heart of the matter.  What now needs to be seen/felt/known will surface.  Light is also pure, passion and often about intention.

I noticed some time ago when I read at a bit slower pace, I could feel the process/change in my body.  Spirit would also often slip in and add… as if to fill in any gaps or make a new leap.  Also how certain words are ordered can open up one’s mind.  We get used to certain patterns, word choices, etc.  When one writes/creates from the vibration, it just flows and there are no mistakes.  Mistakes is a mind/ego/personality thing, too.

Light encoded messages can also relay what words can’t.  There are dimensions/vibrations were words are not used.  It is very much an Earth thing.  It can also be a hint, hint as we are not to always to spoon feed… this is about empowering each to find their truth; we just provide reminders.  It can also be a Morse code of sorts so that certain groups can find each other.  Like a, oh I got that message, too.

At times Spirit will remind one to state something is light encoded.  That was the case when I wrote this post and then noted at the end:

While I don’t usually mention, this (like many) posts is light encoded.  Reading a bit slower, breathing and feeling… sending your way some pretty amazing vibes.  Really just activating what is already inside of you.  At times a post is to release/clear stuff, stir up, etc. … and other times to remember that Heaven is here and now.  You feel it inside of you and see it outside as your vibration rises.

So while I write (a lot)… I do love the visual light encoded pictures/artwork.  Often one will capture a ray(s) in taking pictures.  And it can most definitely be found in auditory meditation and music.  And it can be relayed via hands on healings/gift exchange.

So thank you for reading and feel free to comment what light encoded means to you.  We are better together.  All teachers and students.  ❤

2 comments on “What does light encoded mean?

  1. What ‘Light Encoded’ means to me….
    When I read a post/message, from many different sources I can ‘feel it’ at a deep level, it resonates Fully with my Soul, although I had never heard much about messages being ‘light encoded’, until now that is, what a fascinating/wonderful gift!!
    Thank YOU Molly for sharing this, and I also want to add that your post 4/13/17 (Blessings, I will be commenting soon), well, it was deeply and profoundly LIGHT ENCODED, I read it, and immediately started tingling from head to toe, and was just in AWE of the Spiritual impact that it having on me at that moment!!
    I ❤ YOU!

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