Well… where to start.  Overnights seem busy yet I am… not remembering the activity.  In some ways during the day, I feel as if I am holding space.  Allowing for whatever needs to arise.  I feel connected/dialed in yet guidance is quieter verses explaining…

a long lost truth and some big/over the top experience.  Lucid dreams are back.  They started a few months ago for me (a new skill to practice with) and have ebbed and flowed.  Gems/gifts/reminders.  I find that I am in a humble state of mind as I’ve continued to review my notes from the past two months.  WE have done, a lot… yet at times it may feel like we haven’t done much.  We’ve also had some low K levels which can leave one open to gamma rays/healing/clearing/releasing… all so the next/new can arise.

This journey will significantly change one/all  and teach lessons on patience.  At times it (whatever the it may be) does happen in a split second and other times it seems to literally take years.  Spirit often prepares one well in advance and at times reviews topics on numerous occasions.  So at times when (what might seem like a random) topic comes up, one may think it’s imminent in their reality yet this is not always the case.  When it does though, it will then be with ease, grace and knowing (our Mastery).  We are often well prepared.  We are all posed and primed for our next.

We’ve been given a gift of time and… freedom.  Spirit has surprised me in the past with what I call a, victim (mentality) check.  We can be, do and create anything.  So what do you want/wish/desire?  Find your excuses and find the key/door that can take you to new places.  And if you don’t know what, this is for a reason and a great state of being.  Getting one to their truth.

With this being a family weekend for many, often with traditions… who are you now?  I’ve shared before one of my favorite Easter memories.  An early morning beach walk and I placed plastic eggs with small shells on my way.  Really I wasn’t sure why; the thought just came naturally.  On my walk back, families had now arrived on the beach and I was watching the children’s amazement to discover the eggs.  Their excitement, joy and wonder, I truly felt.  I heard a young child say, the Easter Bunny comes to the beach?  Oh how cute.  So… be an “Easter Bunny” to someone.

For me, my guidance has encouraged keeping it simple, staying in the flow… and next week is next week, tee-hee.  Staying present is a gift.  And did you know that Easter falls on the first Sunday (day of rest/celebration) after the full moon (clarity/brought to light) following the northern spring equinox (shift and anew).  Thinking symbolism.  This could also include egg and bunny (and even religious) symbolism.

So I am going to try to take a mini blogging break.  This is always good for me.  I feel truly blessed to have the support of so many consistent readers.  I used to be able to keep up with reading/reciprocating and I apologize that I haven’t been able to for a while now.  Know we’re all in this together and many of you I think of often and at times pop up or into my meditations.  I often send out smiles, hugs and joy/laughter.  Ya feel…?  I do hope so.  Thank you for reading and many blessing!  We are indeed blessed.  ❤


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5 comments on “Blessings

  1. That is a repeated reminder for me, patience. That’s how I have been feeling myself, just to be present, not “worry” about what is coming tomorrow. Your sharings are always right on time.

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