Hop, hop, hop!


Okay, since some are in a rather significant energy, this is just a quick check-in…

First though, let’s all take a breath… ahh.

So 11 random thoughts, as there’s no way to cover it all, take what serves…

  • For some Easter symbolism isn’t quite done yet.
  • We continue to release/clear/filter/remember.  Some fine tuning though is very significant.  Make sure you’re in the drivers seat, charting your own course.  Taking a back seat… or playing nice was… nice… but now is not necessarily the time.  And you are stronger/farther along than you may realize.
  • Some have been a, or felt triggered.  While probably not the intension, possible the plan.  What if all signs are neutral yet according to one’s vibration/plan… how it’s perceived.
  • If you feel you’re in an uphill battle… you are and this should be a time of easy realizations.
  • Illusions will hold one in time.  It buys time… and while we’re spiritually rich, choose your illusion/reality wisely.
  • So we continue to drop baggage/stories/realities… and this can be like dropping a mic – boom.
  • Drink water/staying hydrated is important, keep it flowing.  Deeper breaths/stretching/resting may also be needed.  And laughter!  Laughter seems to help circulate.
  • Teens who may have been asleep are now awakening (as if a pulse went out and trust their timing)… verses acting differently or out 🙂  You may not even have a child/teen yet may be the one who reminds them of who they are.  It can be a very confusing time, remember?  And children are often here to help parents clear (generational) karma… in addition to their own unique missions.
  • One may feel as if they just woke up/walked in… even if you’ve done this for a while.  Allow this to settle… and then bam… probably even more revelations.
  • And who said one was to achieve, enlightenment; make this a goal?  Why not experience, explore, play with it??  Are you having fun yet?
  • And some are in an energy, remembering their divinity/birthright.  Ahh to indeed savor, enjoy and stay with.

So ❤  and that’s all.  Thank you.


(picture found online)

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