Soul Monitor

Really this is more for a Friday Funny… yet also true.  I had a visit from an aspect of self.  She was rather full of herself and very, direct.  She pulled no punches… laying out several truths.  I’ve had visits from her before.  It used to be random kick-in-the-ass short messages. 

Trust that only a really good friend would get away with it.  In the past year or so, I can feel when she slips in, awaiting patiently for the right moment to chat… yet not always.  At times she seems rather bossy/urgent/right now look at this.  Like, seriously… really… wtf…?

So much is written on being at peace with all, no matter what.  And one can achieve this state.  So at times her visits surprise me.  Like a wake-up call/reality check… often when I think all is well or would normally be floating along happy-go-lucky or in a Zen like state.  The interesting thing is, to date she’s never has any advice; just to state an obvious.  Reminding me of this recent commercial.

Lol.  While at times this can be a bit jarring or frustrating… I just smiled.  I remained at peace knowing all of this was part of my process.

So with this last visit, I noted her message (really listened) and… allowed it to settle.  It’s just a perspective yet I knew if I didn’t listen… she’d get her point across in another way; possibly in a lesson.  It’s just another peace/piece to factor in.

And this seems to tie into I’ve been getting messages about, assignments.  I even received the word, guru.


I did chuckle though because our teachers often present in a fashion that we don’t anticipate.  Friends, companions, teachers… some for only a split second and some for much longer.  Many though are getting ready to meet someone who is very well suited… based upon all of the work you’ve done, and one may then realize why you couldn’t have meet before now.  So I will share these interesting words I received as often a message is for many.  Are you ready to meet your match… maker… as they are one in the same. 

So, remain open light and loves… and teachable.  ❤

2 comments on “Soul Monitor

  1. The message spoke to me. It felt like the deeper meaning for me was just out of reach, like it was not quite ready to reveal itself just yet. But the seed has been planted.

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