Energy Update


Is today Earth Day?  If so… that’s obviously not my piece to write on, lol.  Isn’t every day Earth Day?  I am just checking in.  In the past 10 days or so I’ve been in an energy/process.  I had a day where I could write some and scheduled those.  So if you feel (being as intuitive/dialed in as your are) as if something in my writing is missing… 🙂    I’ve been honoring the/my process.  So for now, I just wanted to pass along this is a high energy weekend and your mind… might not understand… or is/may be grasping to.  And your heart may be feeling, much.  I had to meditate twice this morning before I could do anything. 

Allowing the energy to circulate in my entire body/being/space.


While I could elaborate on all that I’m seeing/feeling now and feel I have much to share (about the past 9 days or so)… I also need to let go.  Today is a beautiful weather day and rain is in the forecast for several days – making for good writing days.  I also feel I just need to continue to be with this energy/available.  And… live, laugh, love.  Yup, definitely that.  So… I love you and thanks for reading/checking in.

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