Roll Call

Is a roll call needed…?  Some will understand as the more recent energy may have taken one on quite a journey/experience/process.  Or may have been felt as a workout (Up, down, UP) or half marathon (and that hitting the wall moment).  Gheez… there have just been so many moments.  Yet, let’s begin this in gratitude… knowing… a breath… and hopefully a smile.

Some are changing at such a rate, it might seem alarming to others… or even self.  Some may feel a bit out of gas and not sure which direction to now go… if any direction.  And some may feel as if they’re having a hard time re-grouping yet this is the point/process.  Talk about a template wipe/upgrade/a new is unfolding.

I’ve know for some time that time is a gift.  In this journey, I’ve experienced the bubble or being removed/protected/not seen… and the slow return.  Life for many became accelerated some time ago and now… as if full steam ahead.  Yet, this is a choice and about balance and being… who we are now.  The coming back to center/home moments are needed as one might not always be in this state.

For me, having time to write has been less and less and I know this is as it should be.  (While I’ve started a few posts, we’ll see what gets published.)  The Universe/our soul is trying to show us things, reprioritize and often at specific times.

I’ve also noticed that while much has been written on getting in the sun and many of us to love it, it might not take much.  At least twice now after 15-20 minutes, like a timer goes off and I am done.  And eating… for me about twice as much as I’d normally, yet not gaining weight, as if our metabolism is processing much.  Trust your process as we are each in different places.

So short and sweet for now and thanks for reading/checking-in.  ❤


P.S.  Clearing continue.  And one might be feeling the Universe’s thumb… yes again.  You are to make the a-ha… so see what surfaces.  Whatever it is, is where you’ll probably be growing and changing with the Universes help.  New moon time so… plant seeds.

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