I now feel like I am understanding these first four months of 2017.  Better later than never, lol.  So NOT what I thought at the end of 2016.  We’d done so much work last year, my mind was certain instant manifestations and pow-boom-bam would be happening for many.  And for some, it has.  For a group of us though, we’ve been knowing yet a bit perplexed.  I smile though… as I am happy for all of this.

At times in this journey we are foretold… and other times, months/years/decades later, an understanding.  For me 2017 so far has been a time of more upgrades/embodiment/changes that often don’t come with an explanation.  A mix of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  (And some of the inner energy felt has been intense!)  Years ago it seemed to come in more defined stages.  Like spending time/months working on thoughts/old stories/healing/rewiring the mind… and then months working on emotions/responses… or even feeling anxiety often enough (I’d never experienced before – it can be a great teacher).  And then time of some, put one in bed/go slow physical clearing/upgrades.  There have also been months of discovering new gifts, practicing and being in the flow.  And life becomes full in new ways.  Mastering/honoring/being flexible and present as it unfolds also seems to be a process.

Christmas was as if a switch was flipped for me.  The energy nudged me from collective writing to a time of support from the Universe to pull in and make many personal realizations.  Well, I was ready to do this years ago knowing my life was a mess then, so this almost caught me off guard because I was flowing along/in a state of peace and being.  All was well.  So of course the Universe is going to shake that up, lol.


A few topics seemed to be brought up and examined, as if repetition was needed… yet each time a deeper understanding or different view; to understand the totality of it.  Now was the time and this was the priority.  I wouldn’t always be given messages like I’d receive from Spirit in the past.  Then I needed those messages because I was holding much pain/misunderstanding.  Now it was my time to discover.  To see what surfaced… how I felt… and what did I want.  A time to Master one’s own current lessons/dynamics/destiny (verses being guided by a Master).  It was also about balance because we change and do what we can … and Spirit will assist us in time and ways – the patience part because this is also about the larger picture.  Know that with each a-ha, a request is sent off if additional support is needed.

At the end of 2016, a new skill surfaced for me; lucid dreaming.  They’ve seemed to remind and pace me through this process; a gift/blessing/birthright.  Lucid dreams are/feel so real and just about every one of them has played out – not that I needed the validation but it’s been interesting to see how the symbolism/vibration correlates.

So last night I was feeling the excitement when one knows that a cycle is coming to a completion -yippee- and… I didn’t sleep much.  I awoke ready… not remembering that patience is key.  Morning meditation usually does the job of resetting/inspiring/pointing me in the right direction but not this morning.  I felt I’d lost my muse/passion/connection.  It’s okay to have these fragile moments surface.  So in a moment of frustration/exasperation, I went back to bed.  Sleep and self-care are so important during this time.   It can make the world of difference.  I also seemed to forget that I could lucid dream and was blessed with remembering several (verses one).  So I awoke of a different mindset… in knowing… trust… and peace, yet again.  So this is where we start.  Refreshed, renewed… and not in a rush.  A lot has happened this year on so many levels yet we can also easily forget this.

From each of our personal realizations, much can spring forth.  The inner shift or possibly letting go and then when the outer reality meets you, you’ll know to smile and proceed.  No overthinking or missing opportunities.  So I could say that I feel the possibility of those large shifts/leaps (what many of us felt at the end of 2016) in our near future… yet for me it’s about gratitude, love, peace… and knowing.  Not expecting.  The work we’ve been doing is getting us where we’re needed.  Empowering many Masters.  For all I/we know, another step/stage may get “slipped” in.  Trust that we’ve planned our journey very well.

This journey though at times may seem like an endless pursuit/process.  One can stop the, dangling carrot as there are many ways to get a “carrot”… right here and now.  Could this be a time to get real/grounded/happy in whatever reality one plays in?  Abundance/love/support/beauty does surround us.

So more than enough words for now.  In peace, love and light.  Carrot anyone…?  Let’s enjoy.


P.S.  I’ll see what I’ve tucked into drafts here soon… bear with me if you get/see several. Take what serves you… you’ll know.   Really my realizations don’t matter but yours do!!  ❤

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