Being… of sound mind and body…


is a very good thing.  🙂  ❤

Starting in a breathe, gratitude… and love.  In peace and clarity.

And of course this phrase is taking on new meaning for me now, too.  Music is life.

So hmm… now, what is a vibrational match and ready to be revealed?  It might not be what one thinks… and patience.

Energy update:  The past two morning, I’ve been moving a bit slower.  I feel an inner pressure/fullness and had a whopper of a headache a few days ago.  As I look external, I see many moving fast/aggression (usually I see this when the charts are red/geo storms yet that’s not the case right now).  Spirit is quiet.  This morning as I sat in meditation outside, I could see the platinum ray/hue which I associate with healing.  So we take this step by step… moment by moment.  Hugs and much love to you!

4 comments on “Being… of sound mind and body…

  1. Yes!….step by step, moment by moment. Feeling slow, sad, anxious, about to cry, but All Is Well with my Soul, I suppose.
    Big Love and (((Hugs))) back my friend! ❤️💞❤️

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    • Kp has been LOW for days now. Healing/clearing/releasing/upgrading.Your soul is WELL and so are you… you will see. During this time we just continue to breathe… and give lots and lots of self-love… as the energy always seems to change, yet again, lol. Tight squeeze hug. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Two days ago I created healing for a close friend’s crown chakra that also affected my crown chakra. The healing also rippled out to everyone I know. I didn’t realize my crown chakra had been affected, but with the healing, I not only felt tingling in my head, but was able to create a healing yesterday that felt like welcoming an old friend home into my self. It felt like this was one of the top reasons for this lifetime. Synchronicities abound.

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