Multifaceted times

As I was pondering on where to start, I chuckled.  This has been a multifaceted by multifaceted time.  We’re changing in just about every moment/experience/light and so are many others.  And then… add the ripple affect… Continue reading

This journey prepares one for…


light to surface… and for it not to blind us.  A time of illumination.

I know that what I personally experience is often a small representative of a larger picture.   So…  taking a blogging pause was needed as I was very present/living/being.  I didn’t have time to read, write or follow my more normal routine.  Continue reading



Ahh, a rainy day.  Seems to remind me, there are times in this journey where sleep is so important.  To dream… to “work”… to remember… to upgrade… or just to rest/recoup/heal/reset.  Trust your body/process/nudges… 🙂  ❤