Life is to short… so let’s not take anything for granted.  If you woke up today… it is a good day.

I’ve had to let go in so many ways (to include writing) to stay present… and that has feel right.  For me it’s been as if two energy waves were overlapping.  Not even before the last had finished, a new was upon me/us.  Some have been in a rather powerful energy/torus field/dismantling.

Some are in a time of introspection and even more realizations, change and clearings – yet not realize this.  (Planetary Kp index has been rather low for 10 days now.)  So if you’ve been in a funk (verses in the flow or funky cool/good), this may be why.  I had a day where I was cleaning out a shed and then started to laugh… I was shedding!

Some of the issues/emotions/feelings can be worry/overthinking, negative thoughts, anxiety, trust, support, expectations, self-worth… and what seems to trigger or annoy one.  Often we can see the why in the moment yet in other moments or as life become full/accelerated, we just use our skills differently.  What’s worked for me is to note the experience and then later in a calm state break it down to a word or two.  To view (or sit with) it as a vibration.  To be open for guidance, too.  I’ve found though as we move along in this journey, Spirit does want us to try to figure it out and then they’ll assist/remind if needed.  As a-ha’s come, often releases happen making us lighter – an invitation to examine, release and raise.  A time to own any issues we didn’t previously see/know/have time to realize.  And through this process we emit a new energy for the next/what we now need.

At the same time though, this can become a never ending process.  FUN is a part of life… be sure to change things up and laugh, sing and be goofy.  It’s all going to work out.  Let’s follow our joy and excitement.  Getting back to some issues after fun may show how out of alignment one was.

So, we got this as the energy is constantly changing.  Attitude can determine your altitude… stay high my lights and loves.   I love you.

P.S.  I’ll add this as I was noting for another post:  SIGNS, MIND AND HEART

It seems that just about all my signs have changed.  Upgraded.  So I seem to be learning what they now mean.  The old ones served us well as we’re constantly changing.  So as I was trying to understand (in my mind), I was reminded by Spirit, a sign is often just a sign.  How we interpret it is based upon our thoughts/vibration/role… and even lessons we can learn from and transcend.  Answers can be found in a relaxed state and in the heart.  Fear and the mind though can keep the heart on lock down.  Well… we’re past fear as we know an experience/situation is just that… and we can work through anything.  Look at all that we have worked through – pretty amazing.  ❤


6 comments on “Gratitude

  1. Molly I know I always say this but your posts always come at the right time. There is a experience I am dealing with that has caused a lot of emotions. Expansion is happening as it is reflecting in my physical life. Things may appear random but as I sit and reflect clarity is shown. Big hugs to you!!!!

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    • Durinda, I seriously CHERISH you and your words, so thank you!! It’s as if some of us are being held to see/experience/feel certain things for many reasons and so we can become divine creators of our next… yet when we are in it/so present… it can also be like seriously/why this. And you probably know I don’t think much is, random, lol. ❤ and many hugs to you.


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