Laugh yourself to a new reality


In my journey, there have been a handful of one-liners I’ve heard from Spirit that seem to come up often enough.  And I think this will be one of them.  So I did understand as I heard these words yet the following day, I was really feeling as I laughed more than I had in years. 

I had a dental appointment (and if you follow along know that I usually have a bit of anxiety) yet spent the visit laughing with my hygienist.  The visit was a JOY.  And just about everywhere I went and everything I did involved… laughter.  Oh how awesome was this!

This journey (and life in general) at times gets… serious… focused… and not so much a laughing matter.  Yet laughter restores us… saves and reminds us.  A healer indeed.


So start laughing and continue.  See where laughter can take you.  Time to lighten up.

On another note… another whisper was to give the upgrades we’ve been under these past several weeks, time.  Until then, all is well and we might as well be happy and laugh often.

I love you and thanks for reading.

(All pics found online)

3 comments on “Laugh yourself to a new reality

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  2. “Life Is Better When You’re Laughing” ☺️
    This was the last quote on my nephew Matt’s FB wall, ( my twin soul/brother’s son ).
    He drown while trying to save his younger brother 15, in the Outer Banks 2013. Rip Current.
    He was 22 years old, and the most beautiful soul you would ever want to meet!! ❤️

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