Inner Light Expansion



Something feels… distinctly different.  I didn’t think I had words to describe it yet Inner Light Expansion does seem to cover it. 

One could say the last few realizations/purges/upgrades/moments have changed us… yet again.  And whatever ones been thinking on or asked to examine will continue to play out… evolve… and yes, some of it has been release/archived.  There has been some, good-bye/done with this/that work

Some have recently been  s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d  and had to  step-UP  yet… not in ways they expected.

For me, in the past two days I’ve noticed frequent split second 3rd eye flashes.  As if a veil is thin for just a second… or possibly how our brain/eyes are responding to the expansion of our pineal gland and the inner light.  One might see a shadow/blotch of color or an actual item/part of something.  I can see where this might be (medically) concerning or even a bit scary if this is new to one, yet I smile…  I see you. 

One may also be feeling heart/chest expansion.  Breathe and roll your shoulders back.  I also seem to vibrationally not be synching with cell phones and internet; too much wavelength/energy.  Also a good hint hint to rest, spend time in nature or visit with others face to face.

One might though be having moments where you see that you’re in one reality/vibration yet another is playing out.  Possibly a time not to take anything to serious as all of us are adjusting.   Like, which reality are we living/claiming/aligning to?  And it can have big (unannounced) changes.  One doesn’t need to put energy into holding on or wrestling with the other.

Choices do seem important now.  You can choose your reality… verses choosing from obligation/routine/mindset.  Remember who you really are – unlimited, light, love… and about 1111 other descriptive words.

Since many of us have been in a discernment phase, now we switch to again focus on what’s right… verses wrong.  Well, hopefully you were looking at it as all good anyways.  We’ve been alchemizing many situations in advance.  So as we enter into certain situations, we go in knowing… not needing.  We are open verses having an agenda.  The Universe knows what we need and is best for us.  So let’s see what may/May happen.  I love you.  Enjoy!




(Pics found online)


P.S.  If there is something you feel you do need… verses waiting… start creating??  I feel a creation cycle starting to blossom.  🙂  ❤

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