Working on updates


I often think of writing even when I’m not writing.  So I’ve had several mental notes yet once I got a moment to write… they were gone.  And this might describe the energy.  We are in another rather significant process yet our mind might not understand it.

Our body though may be feeling it.  I’m finding that if I get enough sleep, all is well.  And what is enough?  Well, I just seem to know and adjust accordingly.  Otherwise everything just seems, off.  I will share in humor yet true that I had a day where the goal was to just take a shower.  I can though remember the days were 111 things got gone with ease and in lightening speed.  And those moments will return.

I started this blog because I knew things and wanted to create and share.  I’ve found myself walking around thinking I don’t seem to know much now, lol.  Yet we do.  We have remembered so much.  And it will spring forth at the right time.  Right now we are processing more than we realize.  With this energy, one may feel an identity crisis… and this is a good thing.

This journey will also often reset one to a state of being.  There has been a theme of, youthful energy/love.  This is who we are.  Forever hopeful, trusting, giving/sharing and joyful.  Where fun (and possibly even a bit of mischief) is our mission.

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, many will be anchoring in the/The Divine Feminine.  This happens many times and in many ways.

In a meditation/rest I found myself in the void.  Now though realizing I must have previously been in a bubble or only seen a small part.  It is vast … to the point of overwhelming/a bit scary.  Like an abyss.  Yet I resurface calm and at peace …. and also saying… whoo.

This seems to tie into the moments were one is shifting and this reality is a bit perplexing.  My two examples:  My (M-F morning) alarm is a jingle I know and I usually start my day in song.  I was so deep in sleep/another time/space… I didn’t recognize it.  It actually went off several times.  I remember thinking, what is that?  Just like a moment when I was walking to my vehicle (I knew what that was) yet as I held the remote/key, wondered (for a second) what it was.  Like there must be a time/space where we start a car – no key/remote needed … and we don’t need alarms either to wake us.  Could we be pulling in/awakening some distant and profound wisdom that is needed in the here and now?  🙂

So I am finding that signs, songs, dreams, meditation and an attitude of gratitude are holding all of this together.  And my latest notebook is another good reminder…


Moment by moment, breathing, expanding, traversing… and allowing love to flow, however it needs to.  We got this.  Thank you for reading, hugs and until next time, let the light shine.

5 comments on “Working on updates

  1. I love the picture of the hero’s journey. I feel that it is not just one circle to go, but several times, spiralling.
    And thanks for sharing the stories about the remote key and the alarm. Very interesting.
    And yes, the void is vast. That is exactly the word I thought of when I found myself in there.

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