Just Listen


With full moon energy still present, now the wind is howling outside here.  The weather does seem to be more expressive these past 9 months or so… or maybe I am just more in tune/intrigued/aware.  The wind seems to be moving along a front of darker clouds I saw earlier today.  🙂 

I awoke certain I had an inner ear infection.  It’s rare that I seek medical attention yet felt I might need to.  I went back to bed and then, knew.  An inner ear sign verses an outer.  It is a time to… listen.

We think we do… yet when one becomes aware…  And it’s fitting since May is shaping up to be a full month for many.  I personally thought back to messages in the past of not blogging, as if it was prep work for now.  Then my mind wasn’t sure yet now such peace with writing/posting (a bit) less here recently.  Actually very liberating; carefree.

This year has been interesting as it’s unfolded.  Last year it was as if my logical mind assumed we’d continue to transcend and 2017 would be the year of… well… that 3D would be so distant.  Yet, I’ve found myself very present in 3D this year.  As if this journey is returning me/many to right where we are to be… yet, quite different.

I thought on the galactic experiences I’ve had yet, that doesn’t seem to now be the focus of my journey/writing.  Well, it is yet in a different way.  And I chuckle actually at a handful of recent experiences.  I did have quite some time where I was indeed protected/off the radar.  This has been a full rebirth back into life, here and now.  We continue do the “work” … talk about living in multiple worlds/realities and knowing where home is.  As if in multiple places.  And… flexibility doesn’t cover this as it’s a very grand and fluid experience.

So I wished to share that it’s okay not to read/write/share/etc.  No pressure.  This is unfolding… beautifully!  We’ve had our stages of seeking… creating/expressing… practicing…  Now, we do what we need to do… or what presents… or what brings us JOY!  All of this is to be a pleasure.

AND… by just listening… there’s a new voice surfacing.  And it is one that will resonate with you… as it is you.  For some it will come in as a storm… and others oh so quiet.  Be patient… as it may take days/weeks.  Just… Listen.  No rush/time/pressure.  While I actually love time, for it is a gift, in ways it can be felt as pressure/not enough.  Click out of this into the infinite.

This is what we’ve been waiting for.  ❤


P.S.  Ears ringing often these past two days… syncing up to new frequencies.  This may be another upgrade/union weekend as the energy hasn’t been easy to identify at times; feels new.  While many are putting words to it, I AM letting go and letting it just, be.  🙂  Usually a full moon brings clarity yet things are moving along rather quickly so this may not be the focus.  Sleep/slow/quiet moments seems important as our body catches up.  Pulling in and being with peace/the unknown seems to be the invitation (when in doubt/as needed).  And celebrating the divine feminine… 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day!

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