Stay present


Alrighty lights and loves… how are we doing?  Wonderful, lovely… zip ide do dah I hope.  I am finding these moments of fast/push/feeling the heat and it might be from…


The Universe.  So I am reminding this human self to breathe and stay present.  Whatever needs to surface now though, will.  Divine neutrality helps… verses overthinking.  Spirit will guide and remaining loose/open sure does help.  While it may seem much is going on, it can become very simple and  all is well  if one takes a few minutes/”moments” to clear the channel/decompress/find their center.  It is as if much is being worked out from inside of us.  Inside out.  Many are under another recalibration – patience with self, others and the process.

I will pass along a bit of the random…  starting with the birds.  They’ve been in a playful mood and circling.  While this has held a meaning for me… I am also seeing it of a bit different vibration now to include, unity.  I now seem to have a bird that sounds as if it’s saying, do it.  LOL and noted.  I also found myself in a swam of dragonflies the other day, too.  What a blessing/special moment.

At times the experiences and messages I receive I do find interesting.  One of them has been on the topic of Autism/ADHD/MMR vaccine not being the issue/a wave of special children indeed.  How it is sensory overload here for some souls in a human body and learning ways to adapt.  It seemed to tie into some of the 2020 messages I got years ago.  Also, on Alzheimer’s and how it does place one often back into a time of joy… or introspection.

I will say that my body has also been assisting in giving many signs.  This can greatly assist for those who wish to be a medical intuitive.  Over the years I’ve been amazed at all the ways/skills as I remember/reconnect/practice/use.

The other day as I was walking out the door, a quick whisper was to go on a vacation vibe.  I chuckled.  This can also be a reminder of a walk in the park or picnic vibration verses being serious/worried/blah.  Many of the tasks we set out to do, might not be a picnic but we can choose/intend and remind others along the way.  Each moment here is a gift.

And often life is a mirror.  One might find some of these more recent experiences reflecting many of the changes you have made.

Another theme has been, change of plans.  Hmm.  This journey will get one flexible/fluid verses ridged.

I was in a reflective state of mind yesterday.  I was thinking… how would I summarize the past two and a half years and this blog.  Yet then, I smiled.  As if where I/we started, light and love.  It can be that simple.  That is what we are and do… stay present and shine… and enjoy… ❤

2 comments on “Stay present

  1. Hi Molly, your messages do make me smile. I was just talking yesterday about a vacation and I received an email with the subject title “all is well”. I felt excited and upbeat yesterday, messages really coming through. I have to say I have always had this feeling that one day our paths would meet. Just something else for me to look forward to.

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