Multifaceted times

As I was pondering on where to start, I chuckled.  This has been a multifaceted by multifaceted time.  We’re changing in just about every moment/experience/light and so are many others.  And then… add the ripple affect…

which many aren’t aware of/seeing just yet.

This journey does have kaleidoscope moments.  So I can’t write on a topic.  I do seem to often mention several possibilities and perspectives.  And these past few months, it seems more like what I’ve been personally experiencing in this stage of the journey.

Many have been clearing karma/ancestry/false self.  This work/stage can take weeks… and trust that it is just a certain layer – what we can now do.  And probably not what one would expect.  Some having experiences… yet, immersions might seem more like the word.  They may be felt in 3D, 5D or other energy planes.  It may tie into how, in the past, some have been outlets to ones who were wounded.  They might have looked to us to remind them of who they really are.  If one is not ready though… one can absorb the pain/confusion/trauma and carry on the karma.  It becomes an infinity moment when one can see the truth and alchemize… offering love and support and a new beginning.  And yes, it may take many moments/consistency or letting go if the other is not ready.

In moments for me, this has been a time of realization of a process; reflecting on the past five years (since 2012).  While I had forerunners guide as part of the mix/ways to remember (and am eternally grateful), some time ago it was to completely disconnect and have my experience.  In moments, it seemed quiet… yet this is part of the process.  Not to be taking in so much as one builds their light body/vessel even more.  A time to come into our own pure/perfect for us vibration.  So it may seems contra productive to a spiritual teacher/wayshower – which we all are – to go quiet or tell another not to read/seek (because much of this journey is about sharing and connection)… and to just spend time with self… as you will be guided.

I’ve also reflected (again) on a process that feels like a complete ascension and descension (with 1111+ in between moments).  A mix of angelic, galactic, Mother Earth/shaman (to just name a few) and this human body.  And now… a new way of being; blending the higher/other with the here and now.  W-o-W  just doesn’t cover it.

For some much is going on in their body.  Feelings/sensations as this process continues.  Some will come with a message/reminder, others not.  One may be feeling large heart expansions; anchoring in the new/higher human heart grid.  And/or a sensation of dropping the lower body.  It can feel like an ache, weak in the knees, moving slow.  It usually quickly passes (yet the mind will notice it) or may remind one to rest.  And dream work/play also seems to be quite active now, too… yet it seems more like release work (yet may be different for another as clarity can come in any moment).

I’ve been reminded of the power of a hug.  Energy exchanges may be very simple and powerful.  A touch, hug, smile, massage.  Much may surface/release as it’s needed.  Assist your body and others as needed.

There have been themes/reminders of:  FUN!  And simplicity.  Simplicity = bliss.  So can music, love, gratitude and simple acts of kindness.  For some, we’re back in a stage of baby steps verses future visioning and those huge leaps we often take.  Oh the ebb, flow and mix of all of it.

Often in meditation I heard a random collective question and today’s was, will this ever end/be normal again…?  Ha, probably not.  We are…


And building anew.  One could even say we are actively building that new paradigm many of us mention.  And with new construction or even remodeling, often surprises and delays.

So possibly ponder on…  Who are you, now?  We’ve been repairing/releasing generations of cells.  Trust that after these times of purge/change, empowerment and the new/next comes.  And it will be amazing…  🙂  Many will be called into service in new ways.

In light, love and multifaceted/dimensional gratitude.


(Pictures found online)

3 comments on “Multifaceted times

  1. First off, awesome post! ❤ So many syncs, too. Multifaceted and images of diamonds and I recently got "Diamond Light Codes" and drew a diamond shape around me in my dreams. lol Then I see you have 444 followers. That number has been "following" me around my life lately and here it is again. 🙂 Love you, Molly!

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