Mixed Signals…?


A few weeks ago I felt as if I was seeing mixed signals.  I know a sign to remain calm, get centered (in heart space) and clarity will surface.  As if in a stream where the silt has been stirred up.  At times though, it takes time as it all settles again.

It can though feel like one doesn’t have enough time to allow clarity to surface… or feels pressure to make a decision in the now.  I will say that with practice/Mastery, it can happen with ease/quickly/not feeling time/pressure and seeing through the silt/disturbance.  One knows and then moves on.

As I entered a meditation, asking for clarity and about the mixed signals/signs I’d observed, I heard these words…   Free will  🙂  And it’s supposed to be confusing.  Oh the variety and choices.  What do you want?  You decided… create (your own experience)… how will you play…

As if no choice is the wrong choice and all is supported.

Some will say that mixed signals or not knowing is not being in your Mastery… but what if it is 🙂  For many, this is a time of experiences.  ENJOY!


2 comments on “Mixed Signals…?

  1. I know the discomfort that comes up with not knowing. For my human self, not knowing triggers fear in my brain. Then my soul chimes in, reminding me that not knowing is the point of many possibilities being shuffled around until one drops into my awareness. And suspending judgment about which possible outcome shows up, knowing that each and every possibility is perfect for its own reason, allows more peace and love to flow through my heart.

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