Closure is something we seek on this journey… yet often it just happens.  I’ve been reflecting on the past several weeks off and on for a few days now as I’ve/many are also in a rather significant upgrade.

One that seems to need copious amounts of sleep… patience, self-care and love, too.  Now I am oh so willing and able to do just this, like never before.  Trust that I can remember the old me that never had the gift of time as every day was so accelerated… or over these past few years allowed myself to do so little (in a time of spiritual acceleration) – we can get mission/purpose driven.  And Mother Nature seemed to send a hint hint too, with days of rain.  A great time to pull in, go slow and rest.   Because, lol…


While some are easy… awe inspiring… some are a whammy to our body.

I can remember a time (prior to 2012), when I realized how important sleep was.  I started my day with the goal to make bedtime/sleep a priority.  I did feel that it made a difference.  I physically felt better; also in mood and clarity.  Over the last few years though… it’s been periods of needing sleep, then very bizarre sleep habits/cycles and often times of being wired tired.  So… charged as the energy that can pour thru – wowziers!  I have wondered if I’d ever get back into a “normal” sleep routine and I think the answer is yes… and no 🙂  We don’t do normal.

Okay, so this wasn’t to be a sleep post.  There’s no way to write on all that I’ve seen/observed/experienced in these past few weeks – where both letting go and closure seem to come together.   ∞   Everything is though unfolding, beautifully.  So let’s see what gets noted and a bit might be repetition for various reasons.

One of the topics that has surfaced in the past week or so is on, stimulation.  Many of us do live in an over-stimulated world/reality.  And then we often stimulate our body to respond (with caffeine, nicotine and various other things).  In my journey, just allowing my body to feel it’s normal, not absorb or get charged by much, getting sleep (to repair/dream/etc.), find time to be in nature and to then respond/live (verses react) has been a process.  Our nervous system does need to calm/chill out in order for some of these experiences/upgrades to happen.

And this seems to tie into – if one has recently had a significant event… asking for the next might be a sign that you are still on overdrive/overload.  Relax.  You are in the next as you/your mind and body is reversing years of this need to go, go go and do.  To find a balance… anew and what now feels right for you.  At times on this journey there are the extremes of too much and not enough… and those sweet spot moments.  Ahh… breathe and enjoy.  One can find themselves at zero/still point; now moments.  Holding space… peace.  Possibly often.  Trust, let go and reset.  No pressure… just love.

One may feel lost… or low desire.  Ha, hardly – it’s just that everything is reconfiguring as one is open/allowing.  The seeker and needing has also settled; this being a good thing.

If you’re ready for now/future thinking, Spirit’s recent advise is not to worry about the how… just the what.  What do you desire?  Ponder… as this is not a goal/problem that needs to be solved immediately.  We’ll be doing this for the rest of our life.  The support and fuel will come in the right moments.  Basically this is a pure of heart/intention moment.  Love will guide you.  And many Angels/Ascended Masters/twins are very close.  I’ve also noticed feeling more of the medicine from animals/nature automatically verses needing a moment to feel the vibration/message.

Personally I’ve had moments of healing/closure of some old stories.  Unexpected moments and my response has at times surprised me; a reminder and gauge of where I am now.

I will pass along that if one is entering a challenging situation (aka, life, lol), a mantra can be:  do no harm.  Yes, this seems obvious but we hold a  new understanding now… and may of us also have our (human) moments.  Be who you are now… which is perfect, love and light.  Many have been in a stage of ending stories verses adding to karma/continuing to create challenging situations.  Defining moments of change are happening.

One might also ask that the highest plan unfold… which often does happens naturally yet we might not see it in the moment.  If you do, you will pause… and know and feel so grateful… as you knew of the other options that could have happened.  Savor.  Whatever was a theme or big part of your old life, probably won’t be a big part of your new life.  Well… it may, yet how you perceive/participate will be quite different.  Think, new.  What new experiences can you now participate in?  What can you now create… do?  You’ve never been, this.  This knowing, at peace, dialed in, healthy, beautiful, on track, empowered, free… just to name a few things.  Right…?

For some, they have… arrived.  🙂  ❤  No more skeletons, wounds, dark spots/shadows/secrets/fear/doubt.  You’ve done the incredible/amazing work.  And yup… probably more will come as it’s all a part of the journey.  The upgrades have been personal (yet haven’t they always been).  Heart expansions, root/third eye/crown awakening…

I’ve been reminded that we’re all connected, supporting and feeling much!  As one if recovering from an illness/set back, we may also feel this… as one is falling in love or joy, we feel this, too, on some level.  All great reminders of this human experience.

I’ll also note that our family needs us.  It might be biological or star/tribe.  And that some may be shifting so quickly, it’s a time for us to be flexible and supportive.  We’ve been there, too.

Well, this is more than enough for now.  We’re closing out a phase of our journey.  A time of shifts/pole reversals/new paths.  Be open to the new/light of this full 6/9 moon and reality.  Thank you for reading… ❤




(Beautiful pictures found online via google search for closed flowers)



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