Being… a Spiritual Hybrid


I’ve known for some time that I am a spiritual mutt… well, hybrid.  And it has been an interesting journey.  I do feel many identify with this path yet at times it can be a bit confusing/overwhelming/never ending!  And yes, many moments of ease, peace and bliss.

It does all balance out.  Yet, talk about being crossed trained!  The options and ways to connect and serve are endless.  Plus the experiences and messages…

I’ve also been blessed to cross paths with many who know their roots, purpose and path.  They align/practice Shamanism, being a lightworker/Galactic, reiki/energy healer… oh the list can go on.  A chosen profession and gift.

I guess I am writing to just offer that while a path may call you… it might not be the only one.  Some will also understand what I refer to as, fast-tracking.  Where, in a matter of months/years, you are reminded enough… and of much.  And with fast-tracking one can take a spiritual break (of sorts) and be caught back up pretty quickly.  This does seem to be a time/window where some may be switching tracks.  To learn of a new aspect of self… or try a new way… or even take a break.

I was also pondering on the embodiment journey.  One may very much feel as if they have embodied… and then find themselves asking, what happens after embodiment… of a Higher/Christ/Crystal – Self?  Like, how many embodiments can one have?  Well… possibly, many.  Sample, dabble, play… mix and create your version of amazing you.  Your incarnation here and now.  That is what is needed and possibly one of many reason you’re here.


As more and more are awakening, and the variety… share, connect and love, as we are better together.  Be open and support self and others.  Truly an amazing time to be here and now.  ❤


(All picture found online)


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